Monday, July 9, 2018


Long Story

Mr. Lakeside and I will be going on an Alaska quilt cruise next month.  We have been cruising with Quilt Seminars at Sea since the early 2000s but it's been about 10 years since our last one.  It was just too difficult to plan for and take the time for a cruise while MIL was still alive and living with us. So, needless to say, we are looking forward to be cruising again!

Some of the fun things about a quilt cruise are the extracurricular activities that include social hours and optional quilty exchanges.  This cruise is no different.  Initially I was to make one 12-inch block indicative of my state.  No problem -- I would do something with our state flower, the iris.

But this cruise group is unusually small so someone suggested we make blocks for everyone.  Gulp!  I was hesitant to participate, knowing that the house move would occupy most of my time.  However, I agreed once it was decided that the blocks could be anything and not even all alike.

My plan was to pick a simple block, one with big pieces.  But as the date of departure is looming closer, I started to panic that I couldn't make the eight blocks needed.  Then I had a Eureka moment!

The last time AQS had a show in Nashville (around 2008), I participated in a booth hop -- that's like a shop hop but all in one building!  I conscientiously went to all 12 participating booths, paid my $5 for each unique block kit, got my passport/card signed ... then forgot to turn my card in to be eligible for the Grand Prize!

I even went right home and started making my blocks, finishing them all in a matter of days.

They lanquished in a box, waiting to be assembled into a quilt.  Then I had the inspiration to incorporate the 12" blocks into a Lori Smith design, Sampler Magic.

I even got started on making the smaller blocks but at some point the project ground to a halt and it's been in the box ever since.

I don't know if it was the color of the fabric used in the kits.  Or if it was the magnitude of the setting I had chosen.

I bet you've already figured out the cheat ... I'm going to take these blocks for the exchange!  It will be fun to see what I get in return!


  1. Sounds like the perfect use for blocks you've already made, but don't plan to use up. The cruise sounds like a great idea - Alaska and quilting - wonderful!

  2. Problem solved, inspired solution! The cruise sounds wonderful. I hope you'll share pics and stories when you can.

  3. Thereby getting all the birds with one stone!
    Enjoy that cruise!

  4. Oh, I don't think that's cheating! I think that's smart! That is a small group. Is this a small ship? What a lovely plan to take a cruise - I've never been, and I'd love to go to Alaska!

  5. Just using your available resources. :o))

  6. Great thinking ... those will work wonderfully well! Enjoy your cruise! An Alaskan cruise is on my bucket list. Thankfully, it's also on my hubby's bucket list!! :)

  7. It took me a while to realize you had the blocks on a tile floor. Nice way to use the blocks.

  8. Sounds like a win/win. A UFO gets "finished" and you meet your requirements for the cruise.

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