Monday, April 6, 2015


What a few weeks it's been...

... first, the weather.  In the last three weeks we've gone from extremes of 30s to 80s, sometimes in the course of a single day.  Remember when it was too cold in the basement for me to sew just a couple of weeks ago?  Now I retreat to the basement to cool down!  (Granted, part of my discomfort is that we keep the main level warmer than we'd want for MIL's benefit.  At 94 she doesn't have much fat left to insulate her!)

Then Friday we went from sunshine to tornadoes in a matter of minutes.  Fortunately our only damage was a downed limb which, even more fortunately did not fall on the sitter's car.

Storm Damage
I suffered whiplash in the sewing room, as well, using UFOs as leader-enders between my log cabin triangle progress.  I've gone from bright stars ....

Happy Talk, in progress an extremely traditional 4-patch ...

Classic 4-Patch, in progress
... all while churning out log cabin triangles ...

Winter Snow from Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin

None of these projects is completely finished, so there is nothing to report in fabric usage this week.  I will finish the Winter Snow top today and get it on it's way to Susan at Calico Creations in Fulton, IL along with the table topper I finished last week.

Table Topper

Happy Talk and Classic 4-patch will have to wait till the next retreat in early May as they have both gotten to the point where I need space to layout and measure for borders.

My next leader-ender project will be something I call butterscotch because of the colors in the fabrics.  I'm thinking it will be a combination of 4-patches and pinwheels.  It will be the second one out of these fabrics; the first I donated to the 2010 Nashville flood victims.  That tells me how old that UFO is .....

Oh, one more whiplash ... from bare trees to blossoms, just in time for Easter.

Happy Spring, Everyone!!

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  1. I love the variety of projects you're working on. That triangle log cabin is amazing. Just fyi....i host a monthly linky on the third Tuesday of the month to show our leader/ender progress. I'd love to see your new one!!

  2. You have quite a variety of fabrics in your projects. All of them are beautiful! I have never seen log cabin triangle blocks before. I really like those blocks. I'm glad you didn't have any damage from the tornado.

  3. You have been busy. I love your Winter Storm - a triangle log cabin is on my to-do-list

  4. It appears that you live in a beautiful place. You are so fortunate to have weathered the storm well.

    I like how you described jumping from one project to another as "whip lash". Yes, I can relate. Your projects are all beautiful and are coming along nicely!


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