Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Guess where I was yesterday ...

... and today, too!

Gorgeous Fall days on the Cumberland Plateau
First time I've swung a club in at least 5 years.  
As testimony, my club grips are disintegrating from being stored, unused, in a hot garage.

I will sleep well tonight.
Especially now that we have trimmed the crepe myrtle 
that scratched my bedroom window all last night.
I was convinced there was a raccoon in the rafters!

Needless to say, no sewing today ... yet.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

It's Finally Fall, Y'all

View from my deck

We have watched the leaves change gradually from day-to-day.  
We are not at the "peak" of color, but at a point I can appreciate and anticipate all the changes.

However, on to other things ... I REALLY appreciate all the comments on my last post.  The one comment that intrigued me the most (thank you, Julie Anne) suggested two things -- that I make a table topper (versus a wall hanging that I was focused on) and that I turn the trees so that they all pointed out!  

I have to say that neither of these ideas ever crossed my mind!!!

I have an antique drop-leaf table just inside the front door with a table topper on it.

Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin Star
This would be the perfect place to use the tree of life!
I can face whatever season to greet our visitors and guests.

I do think I will probably put a 2" sashing in between the blocks, color to be determined.

Friday, October 26, 2018

OK, Folks,

I need help

I know some of my valued friends will have great ideas for 
what to do with one of my oldest (if not THE oldest) UFO.

Early in my quilting career a guild member suggested that I join a hand-piecing bee that met at her house.  I did.  And I thoroughly enjoyed hand piecing the blocks.  But the thought of putting an entire quilt together by hand seemed beyond my skill set.  So that's as far as I got with these Tree of Life blocks some 20 years ago.

These blocks "should" finish at 14".  Unfortunately, they vary about 1/4".  
And, also, because of the distinct variation in backgrounds, some sort of sashing will be required.  

My first instinct was to set them like this:

But I would be in a quandry on what to do with those huge corners!

My second inspiration is to do something like this ...


... which would allow me to do something interesting in the center 
and possibly the setting triangles, as well.  But I feel it's somewhat uninspired.

I'm thinking a wall hanging, so I don't really want to get too carried away.  And I think I am now comfortable with assembling by machine, though I may want to make any alternate blocks by hand.

The urgency is I want to be able to show this in May 2019.

What say you?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

More Shadows

Or is it Paws?

I've made a total of 6; I need 8.  But I am struggling with balance in the values of the Shadows and differences in the backgrounds.  Four blocks form a square in the center; the other four will be in the corners.  The remaining blocks I have kitted have slightly darker, more obvious backgrounds.

Frankly, this photo doesn't really show what I'm seeing.  Maybe that's a good thing, maybe I'm over-analyzing ... I will probably make the remaining blocks -- I think I have four ready -- then make a decision.  The unused blocks will either go on the back or in another quilt. 

I've had several questions about the shadow bear paw block so I thought I should provide some details.  The block was designed by Trudie Hughes back in the late 90s and appears in her book, Log Cabin Quartet.
The book is out of print but is available on Amazon.  Some of the used prices are ridiculous, but Trudie, herself, has new books at a reasonable price and when you buy directly from her the profits go to her favorite charity (or so I've been told).  Be sure to click on "all buying options" where she is listed as a third-party seller.  No affliliation.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

October - Sage Green

Coincidentally, two of the five Bear Paw Shadow blocks I made last week are sage green!

Now to attack the Squared Away block before the end of the month ... 
and cut my sage loose geese ... 
and try to catch up with August and September ...

Linking with Angela for Scrap Happy Saturday.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Quilt Camp Days 3 and 4

And the fun continues!

Finally had a chance to catch up with Peg Bingham!
Everything's Okey Dokey
It was so good to see Perky Peg back in action!  She is leaving Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes in good hands.  Hopefully, we will see her again and often, just not on the stage with a mic in her hands.

Day 3 was devoted to uneven log cabin blocks.  I worked on 8 at a time -- probably a mistake as I am now rethinking my fabric choices. (no pic)

Day 4 was devoted to catching up and moving on.  I opted to make more shadow blocks.

The power went out all over the camp during dinner so DH and I decided it would be wise to pack the car and be ready to leave while it was still light out, considering it was going to freeze again overnight and the lodge had electric heat!  Even though the power came back on for the very brief closing ceremonies, we decided to bug out and get some miles behind us.

I'll get better pictures of my progress when we get home later this afternoon.  Have a happy Friday, Y'all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Quilt Camp Day 2

First, an update on Day 1

My spacious sewing station in Holt Lodge:

Six pairs of Bear's Paws completed:

Twelve total BP completed
Problem with skipped stitches:

See the long straight lines?
Turns out the machine didn't like that brown fabric!
Today I completed two shadow blocks and got halfway through a third of the eight I plan to make:

I am using my collection of Asian/Daiwabo fabrics.  I love this block!

Tomorrow we will work on the log cabin blocks.

Having a Great Time!!!

Greetings from Cedar Lakes

Quilt Camp 2018

Cedar Lakes Conference Center
Unfortunately, we haven't seen this much blue sky since we got here because of mist and rain,
but that is supposed to change today.  And it will be colder, too!

This is the 35th year for this quilt camp which started as more of an "educational seminar" to satisfy the requirements for use of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture that owns and operates these facilities but has now morphed into more of the typical quilt camp with classes.  There is one lady here who has attended every year but one!

I encourage you to check the website for 2019 camps.  Teachers, both local and regional, are outstanding -- they even let me teach a couple of years.  The setting is beautiful and the camaraderie can't be beat.

So what is Ms. Lakeside doing?  For all four days I will be working on a Trudie Hughes pattern, Shadow of the Bearpaw.

I would show you what I accomplished Monday but the pictures haven't downloaded from the Cloud yet.  We worked on the bearpaw border. Since I don't plan to use that border, I hadn't cut any blocks.  Rather than sit idle for a day I decided to make a few, which involved selecting fabric and cutting.  I managed to get 12 BP blocks done which I will find a use for somewhere.  Today we will be making the shadow blocks

Hopefully I'll having something to show tomorrow.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Better Late than Never

Remember this?

Five and Dime (from Loose Change)
The wedding quilt that didn't make it to the Maine Wedding
Well, I was finally able to present it to the newlyweds at her dad's ranch last night.

They love it!
My LAQ was able to do a quick turnaround once I knew we'd be coming to the West Coast reception in California.  She did a Cool Beans pantograph, my favorite quilting design for this quilt pattern, which, BTW, is made from a Layer Cake and a Charm Pack.  The fabrics, designed by Jen Kingwell, were more loosely woven than most quilting cottons so the raw edge charms frayed really nicely when it was washed.  Too nicely, actually. I was clipping and trimming threads right up to flight departure time!

The bride's dad was also recipient of this fabulously painted work jacket, done by a family friend.

Fabric paint on heavy denim -- WOW!

We're headed to wine country today, reception tomorrow, fly home Monday and dentist on Tuesday.  I'll not be doing any sewing the next few days!