Monday, October 30, 2017

Potato Chips

Can't eat just one!

The same could be said for these wonky stack-n-slash Christmas trees.
(tutorial here)

Wonky Trees
This was supposed to be a mindless retreat project and I'm already half done!
Not really, but it's starting to look like that.

I'm finding that I'm not always able to end up with 7-1/2" width.
If you're thinking about making these, I suggest you start with 9" x 10-1/2".
Or plan to trim to less than 7-1/2".

Hoping to finish these at a short local retreat this week.

OMG - Almost ...

... But not quite

My One Monthly Goal (OMG) for October was to finish the blocks for Grand Illusion.

Grand Illusion (a/k/a Grand Mess)
Obviously, I'm one block shy of a quilt.  I was short on the coral/gray/brack chevron units; other distractions (like Christmas trees -- thanks Polka Dot Chicken!) also kept me from achieving my goal.  I did, however, locate enough of those scraps that I can make the ones I need.  I'm thinking I will assemble the blocks as I have them on the wall, without sashing, and then use the border units that have already been made as the border with a small inner border of brack as a separator.

I'm dutifully reporting my OMG accomplishment (or lack thereof) at Elm Street Quilts.  Now to think about what my goal for November will be.  More Christmas trees, perhaps? Hmmm ....

Saturday, October 28, 2017

So Long, Pink!

RSC says "Goodbye" to Pink

As the month comes to a close, it's time to take stock of our pink progress.  As it turns out, not much pink popped up here on the Hillside.

Seven chunky churn dashes ...

... and a single scrap jar star ...

... not much to celebrate.  Except, I did finish a top for this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  But I'll save that for the end of the year.

Time to see all the pink at soscrappy.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

An Eclectic Design Wall

Squirrel alert!

Sunday's wall
I put several things on the wall Sunday just to get me motivated.  Since then I have made the 6 additional chunky churn dashes shown here, finished two Grand Illusion blocks (OMG) and located the scraps to make the missing units for the last one, and I'm well on my way to a finish of the first shirt picnic quilt.

Picnic quilt one of two
Thanks to the Polka Dot Chicken, I was inspired to try my hand at some improv Christmas trees.

Thanks, Carol!
So guess what I spent last evening doing.  If you guessed cutting squares for Christmas trees, you are right!  Now to get the lights cut to pair up with the red and green squares and I'll be all set for a fun and easy retreat project next week.

Your Carriage Awaits

... or awaiting the carriage

The Grace Pinnacle frame awaits
The frame has been relocated to the studio and the Block RockiT 15 ordered.  The extra 5 feet of table have been sent to storage and the waiting has begun.   I suppose I could do a little reorganizing of the space while I wait.

If I remember correctly, the machine head has wheels that will run on the bottom "plate" but I thought I'd keep the top "plate" out of storage in case I need some of the attachments on the new setup.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

From One Hill to Another

Weekly Wrap-up

Mountain Quilt Camp 2017 (a/k/a Wildcat Lake Spa Retreat) is in the books.  While I passed on the massage and olive oil hair treatment, I did head to the sewing room in my jammies a couple of days. 

View from Grigsby Hall
The Joyful Quilter and I shared a bunk room with Tiffany in Bell's Cottage up on the left.  We sewed in Grigsby, where this picture was taken.  The dining hall is just a few steps from Grigsby.  That was the extent of my world from Sunday night to Thursday morning -- not enough steps to compensate for the delicious meals three times a day!

Coconut cream pie parade
All-in-all it was a productive time.  I spent Sunday evening wrestling with ideas for the last round-robin round which is due at the guild meeting today. 

Emily's quilt
I made flying geese and pinwheels from their cutoff corners.  I made 4Ps with Grunge polka dots.  I thought and stewed and thought some more.  In the end I set it aside, hoping inspiration would strike.  And strike it finally did on Wednesday night but I didn't have time to finish until Friday at home.

Final additions to Emily's quilt
I added the strip across the top, using pieces of Emily's fabric that came along in the bag.  Then I put the miscellaneous bits I had made on the right, combining some of my fabric with bits that appear elsewhere in the quilt.  Of the five quilts I've worked on, I think this one was the toughest.   I'm glad I participated in the challenge but I don't think I will do it again.  The stress of trying to make my more traditional style fit with the improvisational style of the others took the pleasure out of the exercise. 

I spent about a day and a half assembling the RSC17 scrap jar stars into a finished top.

Scrap Jar Stars
I added a second round of sashing so that I had complete 9-patches around the edge.  Because I cut the sashing WOF, there is a lot of stretch so I will need to add a border.  Lesson learned.

A quick stop on the way home at Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough and this plaid Kaffe Fassett fabric came home with me.

It has many of the colors that are in the stars and I'm hoping it doesn't overpower the stars.  We'll see.

I spent some time making 5 more blocks for Grand Illusion (a/k/a Grand Mess) with the units I had finished during Bonnie Hunter's 2014 mystery. 

Grand Mess
I am short a few units to complete the three more I need for a 3x4 setting.  I hope I can find enough scraps of the light gray and coral fabrics ...

In between this and that, I used the grandsons' shirt squares as leaders and enders.

Picnic quilts in progress
On Wednesday, the last full day, I finally addressed the guild paint-chip challenge which was due at the September meeting that I missed.  I wanted to experiment with shadowing and used the book Casting Shadows by Colleen Wise for inspiration.

My chip colors were Parliament Green and Coral Perfection.  It measures 5.5" x 7.5".  Not sure if I should call it an oversized mug rug or a mini.  Not my finest work, but it's done, including the quilting.

With gorgeous weather and pleasant company, the week at camp is deemed a success!  Now to get dressed and gather everything I need to take to the modern guild meeting for show and tell.

Linking with Oh Scrap! at Quilting is More Fun than Housework.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Just a Few Words

Before I lose contact

The view from my sister-in-law's cabin in Maggie Valley is much the same as it was when I was here in May, except the mountain laurel is no longer blooming.  The sumac is about all that's turned color up here.  I'd show you, but the computer is refusing to upload the pictures I took today.

Mr. Hillside will be dropping me off at Mountain Quilt Camp this afternoon and the wifi connection is iffy at best; I'll give a full report when I return.

So what will I be working on at camp?

Emily's Round Robin
This is the last pass at the last round robin.  It is due to be returned to its originator at the guild meeting on Saturday, so this little project needs to be high on my priority list.  I have mixed feelings about this round robin thing; but glad I at least tried it once.

Also on my priority list is my One Monthly Goal (OMG) -- finishing the Grand Illusion blocks that I already have units made.

Grand Illusion - a/k/a Grand Mess
I have also brought along a really old (I mean REALLY OLD) UFO, Weaver Fever, as well as the blocks for Scrap Jar Stars.  There's a guild challenge in my stack of projects and a couple more boxes that I don't remember what they contain.  Needless to say, I hope to be busy and productive.  But just being in good company is what I'm really looking forward to.

Have a great week, Y'all!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Quick Update and Two Finishes

We're not rich ...

BUT, we came home from the garage sale with a lot of empty boxes!  I think our net profit was a little over $100 after paying for ads, signs, and price stickers.  It's amazing how dimes and quarters can add up.

It's always fascinating what sells.  I didn't really expect the antique glassware to move, but was surprised I didn't get any action on bags of fabric or cross-stitch kits and supplies.   First to go was a box of disposable gloves.  We sold most of my son's stuff, including their upright freezer, which compensated him for allowing us to "borrow" his garage for the better part of a week.

I organized the leftovers into store/keep/giveaway.  Monday we took three boxes to storage; three base cabinets and two boxes of home dec and housewares went to Habitat Re-Store.

I came home with a dozen of my grandsons' shirts that didn't sell.

My daughter-in-law suggested picnic quilts for them would be a fun way to use the shirts so I started cutting them up right away before I could have second thoughts about destroying Banana Republic and American Eagle Outfitter shirts (my GSs have good taste). Side note: I saved one to wear myself!

I've decided to use this quilt, made by Jo and Kelli Kramer at Jo's Country Junction,  as my inspiration.  I am reversing the values, though, using a gray chambray where they used muslin.

I'll add another round to make a 14" block.  I have enough cut for half the blocks and will be using this as leaders/enders while at Mountain Quilt Camp next week.

Amazingly, in between sale recovery and camp preparations. I found time to put the finishing touches on two tops.

Triangle Bliss
This 30" x 40" baby quilt was made from half-square triangle pairs a modern guild member was discarding.  Still needs a good pressing.  And I'm considering a border just to help stabilize the edges.

Big Star Country
This was Alycia's mystery (Alycia Quilts) from a few months back.  You may recall I ran out of background fabric and did some nifty juggling so I could add a different fabric in the corners.  I decided not to remake the white stars that should have gone in the corners just so I could getterdun.

I also took time to lay out my Scrap Jar Stars to work on at Quilt Camp.

Scrap Jar Stars
At The Colorful Fabriholic's suggestion, I selected a white with confetti spots for my sashing.

SJS Sashing
Heading to NC later today.  Looking forward to seeing The Joyful Quilter again.  I'll try to post updates on our adventures if we have a wifi connection.

Lots of happy dancing happening on the Hillside.  Linking with Sara at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Squirrel Alert

I've been bitten

I'm sure you've seen or heard about quilters buying shirts from Goodwill and thrift shops to recycle into quilts.

I like the look, but I certainly don't need to "collect" any other type/style of fabric.  More certainly not to spend money for "used" fabric.

But FREE?  That's another story ...

... enhanced by the fact these were gently worn by my grandsons.  All name brand and 100% cotton.

Before I could start feeling guilty about taking the shirts from potential new owners who could use them -- well, let's be honest, not a one sold in the garage sale -- I took a look at Bonnie Hunter's video about deconstructing a shirt.

Strings from collars and bands
I applied scissors to the collars and collar bands and have a nice pile of strings.  Next step: cuffs!

Any suggestions for a pattern?   All but one or two are striped.  I held out the one bright red plaid that didn't play well with the rest of the colors.  I can add a few plaids from my stash, but I don't have many.  I'm thinking I'll make a picnic quilt for each of the boys.

BTW, a wedding quilt is in my future as GS2 got engaged last week!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wrapping Up the Rainbow

Pretty in Pink

With preparations for a garage sale Friday and Saturday, I haven't had much time in the sewing room.

(I'm wondering now if we'll make enough money to pay for the ad, signs, and stickers!  I keep telling myself the effort is worth it just because it is less stuff I will have to go through and pack if/when we are eventually able to move.)

Anyway, I made a special effort to get a pink Scrap Jar Star made while watching The Voice Monday night.

Scrap Jar Star #20
That makes 20 SJSs!  As soon as I get Triangle Bliss together and off the wall I will work on the final arrangement of the stars and then make a decision on sashing fabric as I don't have enough of the white I've used in the stars to make the sashing.  I had been on the fence about sashing; however, I've decided it will not only add some size to the final quilt, but also eliminates the worry over getting points to line up!

When Saturday rolls around I'll update my RSC progress with Angela at soscrappy.  But I'm posting now so I won't forget ...

Sunday, October 1, 2017

One Monthly Goal

OMG, It's October Already!

Somehow I let September slip by without setting one monthly goal (OMG).  Now I'm jumping right in on the first day of October so I won't forget again.

In addition to a couple of guild deadlines -- one was due in September (see what I mean?) -- my goal this month is to finish assembling blocks for Grand Illusion.

Grand Illusion
This was Bonnie Hunter's mystery in 2014, I think.  I was churning right along, keeping up with the clues until it came to the final reveal.  I disliked it so much that I just stopped then and there.

I took my color inspiration from this dotty fabric:

But the end result is pretty drab -- another reason not to finish.  The sashing pieces might have added some life, but they made no sense (in my mind) to the overall design.  So I've already upcycled the sashing pieces into another quilt.

Checkers, Anyone?

I think all the bits for the blocks are made.  At any rate, I'm going to assemble what I have, then decide on a setting.  I've seen several quilts on Pinterest where the maker strayed from the original instructions and did something different with the sashing.

So that's my very manageable OMG for October.  I encourage you to check what other q1uilters will be doing this month at Elm Street Quilts.