Tuesday, August 29, 2023

25 Days Later

 ... and 10 pounds heavier!

DH and I ticked another item off our bucket list with a 25-day cruise that included stops in Canada, Greenland, and Iceland! 

I've said before we don't like to announce a planned absence, especially one of nearly a month, so I had planned to prepare a few posts to schedule during my absence,  But last-minute preparations prevented that from happening.  Suffice it to say, we had a fabulous time.  And I managed to visit one quilt shop in Halifax, NS!  Iceland is a beautiful place, surprisingly green, whereas Greenland had the most ice (that we were able to see).  

And, since returning, I find many of my photos have not downloaded to the computer (full cloud) so I won't take time to include any highlights here.  Instead, I'll give you a look at what I was working on right before we left at the end of July.

I managed to make quite a bit of progress on the squirrel I was chasing.  Lots of chunky churn dashes have been added to the wall

I'm re-thinking the alternate squares, however.  so stay tuned.

I took some really old handwork projects with me and was able to accomplish a lot on sea days, 

but will save that for another post.