Monday, April 29, 2019

Slowly Settling Back In

Filling the bookshelves first

My existing bookcase, which I purchased many years ago from a used office furniture warehouse, was finally falling apart so I decided the Murphy bed shelves would be the perfect place for all my books.

I used this opportunity to weed out a couple dozen books that I am no longer interested in.  The downside of this exercise:  as I was glancing through the books making decisions, I saw a lot more potential rabbit holes to rush down!  Thank goodness my cutting table is piled high with things we temporarily moved out of the sewing room preventing me from starting something new.

But I can dream ...

Happy Monday

April 29, 2019

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Week in Review

Very little sewing last week.  On Sunday we headed down to Savannah, GA to celebrate SIL's birthday and to finally see the renovations she made to her house last year.  In addition to opening up or widening walls and doorways, her favorite space (and ours) is the screened porch addition designed by her brother (my Main Man).

SIL's porch
That herringbone floor ranked a Page 1 ad for the manufacturer in a local home magazine!  With shade from the live oaks and fans gently spinning overhead, it was always delightful out there.

We played 9 holes of golf on Monday, went downtown for lunch on Tuesday, and headed back north on Wednesday.  We had hoped to stay longer, but had to return home because I needed to clear out my sewing room for this:

Murphy Bed/Design Wall
The sweetest couple came Thursday morning to install the Murphy bed we had ordered at a recent home and garden show.  The only available wall in my sewing room is where I had hung my design wall, so we specifically asked for a flat surface and that the bookcases be turned sideways so I could hang a new, bigger design wall on the front.  It's about 106" across; I could almost design a king-size quilt on it!

While that was going on, I was prepping step-outs for a mini-workshop I would be teaching at guild on Friday.  The topic was shaded or compound HST, better known as Mary's Triangles.

Lynn's blocks
A funny thing happened.  Because I was short on time, I decided to Google for any prepared notes that I could (in good conscience) lift rather than re-write the script.  I scrolled past a familiar photo and discovered it was a link to my own tutorial from June 11, 2014!!

I worked the FG Garden Club geranium sale on Saturday morning and we visited the Rotary Club's Wine on the Plateau event Saturday afternoon. (There's always something to do in the Glade!)  I was also able to live-stream the Arkansas State Quiz Bowl championships where AA (GS-3) was participating for the last time.  Conway HS didn't win, but AA was named to the all-star team!

So, do you understand why I've been Missing In Action?  But all is not lost!  Once I got my sewing table back in place and the machine plugged in, I managed to finish two Tiny Tuesday blocks in aqua.

I was so excited to find that light background with the aqua whatever-they-ares in another project box!  You'll probably see it again this week in the 5th TT for April before we move on to another color.  As much as I love aqua, I'm ready for something new.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Orphan Finds a Home

When Cynthia/Quilting is More Fun than Housework hosted her semi-annual orphan adoption event in March, I put this unfinished project on the auction block here.

Rachel was the lucky winner of not only the partially finished project, but also the pattern, additional fabric, and the 12" triangle ruler needed to finish it.

Well, Rachel jumped right on it and shared a picture of her finished project.

Like me, she had trouble interpreting the pattern instructions for finishing, so she squared the edges and will use the additional fabrics and pieces for another project.

Great job, Rachel!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Where you been, Libby Jane?

Down the lane and back again!

The third week of any month is always full of meetings and other obligations and this month was no exception.

The week began on Sunday with church and a birthday lunch (mine) with Son-1 and DIL; however, the designated meeting place halfway between them and us had no power.  We reconnoitered and found another lovely place to dine and were able to catch the last few holes of The Masters.  Tiger's back!!!

On Monday, when I should have been prepping for the rest of the week's activities, I chased another squirrel (thanks, Ramona/Doodlebugs).

I don't know the pattern name; Ramona said hers was a kit from Craftsy.  As a result, I spent most of my time at Devo and Sew on Tuesday cutting strips of pinks and greens.  That is, after I rearranged a few blocks in my secret sewing project.

Wednesday was Garden Club in the morning.  I now know more than I ever thought I would want to know about growing tomatoes.  But that's a good thing because I will be planting some in my stand-up garden trough next month!  In the afternoon I put the final two seams in my secret sewing project!

Tiny Triangles Doll Quilt
Actually, it never really needed to be a secret.  I am participating in Lori's (Humble Quilts) doll quilt swap.  It could be no bigger than 24" x 24" and the fabrics (reproductions) could be no later than 1910.  I had originally planned to go for the full size, but those tiny 1-inch triangles were eating up a lot of my time so I quit at 16" square.  I also made a last-minute change in the arrangement and I am much happier with the outcome. 

On Thursday I sandwiched the little beauty and did some straight-line stitching to hold the layers together.  The binding is now done.

Beauty shot on SIL's Savannah patio

All it needs is a label and it will be on its way to my partner.

Friday was guild day, my first meeting as Education Chair!  Not sure what I've gotten myself into but I felt the call as the existing chair has had to sell her home and move closer to family in Nashville because of her husband's failing health.  The last thing she needs to worry about is how the rest of the guild year is going to work out!

And my first official duty was to make sure all provisions of the contract for our guest lecturer and workshop teacher were taken care of.  Can't say I scored an A+ on that front, but I took lots of notes and made plans for the next guest-led class.  We were in a new-to-us facility, the heat was set too high for a roomful of menopausal women with irons and Ott lights ablazin', and the arrangement left a lot to be desired.  Like I said, next time ...

I hope all my readers had a blessed weekend, enjoying the Spring weather.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Gwen's House

The quilting world lost an icon this week when Gwen Marston passed away.  
She was such an inspiration to me early in my quilting journey.  
She respected the past while tilting it on edge with her liberated style.

Liberated House
Liberated Medallion
Made in classes with Gwen Marston

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Quick Update

Catching up on Tiny Tuesday

Courthouse Steps
Whittle's came through with two more yards of the lighter grunge (one-day service!!) so I will be able to get all the finished blocks sashed soon.  I need to take inventory and make sure I have an equal distribution of straight and on-point settings.

Secret sewing is two seams shy of a top.  Next to select back, quilt it, bind it, and then I can show you the finished project!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Friday's Sunset

Just two minutes earlier there had been the faintest mauve glow 
behind the houses across the lake. 
Then I glanced up from my computer to see this.

Sunset - April 12, 2019
I will never get over the beauty of this place!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Week in Review


I was doing so well keeping up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Tiny Tuesday blocks.  My plan was to make two blocks each week; one as designed, and one in reverse values.  And I was pretty much on target through February.  The March's blocks weren't exactly my cup of tea and before I knew it April is upon us and I am SO far behind.

I finally caught up with the February Lemon Peel block while waiting for DH at the retina doctor last month.

BUT, I trimmed it too much and the sashing is too close (or on top of it, if you want to be precise).

I did the first green blocks in yellow by mistake, wasn't happy with my wonky log cabin, made the owl in aqua, and skipped the umbrella altogether.  So much for March!  I do have some tiny green blocks to supplement my collection, so all is not lost.

I have spent the last few days adding the sashing to my TT blocks.  It's fun to see them all together on the wall.

Those with light backgrounds are getting dark gray Grunge; those with dark backgrounds are getting light gray Grunge.  Problem is, I'm out of light gray and a trip to the LQS today was fruitless.  Whittle's to the rescue.

I managed to get the little owl sashed.  Two more blocks have joined my RSC Double Shot project.  And a colorful churn dash completes last year's RSC sampler.

I also made the first of two Courthouse Steps in aqua today.

Courthouse Steps
Those tiny 1-inch strips are a true test of one's quarter-inch seam!

I'm going to try to link up with Angela/soscrappy for Scrap Happy Saturday.  She's having trouble with her linky program so I'm not sure if I'll be successful.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Spring has sprung

 On Lake Dartmoor

Redbuds along the shore
With matching sunrise on Wednesday.
Sunrise - April 10

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

How Can a Tiny Owl ...

... Create such a mess in my sewing room?

Tiny Tuesday Owl - a month late 
Yes, I know he was supposed to be green, but my green scraps have been put away.  I was looking for the perfect eyes and found them in aqua.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Life's a Bear - Finale

Sunrise over Lake Junaluska

Sunrise - Sunday, April 6 - looking west
Sunrise - Sunday, April 6 - looking east
Before it was time to leave this beautiful setting, however, I did manager to get one-half of the project finished.  See a problem?

Two quadrants of Enchanted Grden
The quadrants are supposed to be square.  Mine measure 26.5" x 27.5".  One inch is just a little too much to "ease" together when dealing with pieces that finish at 1/2" to 1".  I am going to make the other two quadrants, paying closer attention to the quarter-inch seam and also pressing less aggressively.  I have enough extra fabric that I can remake a block, if needed.  It may be a couple of weeks before I get them done so stay tuned for a final report.

There were six S'mores in attendance; Becky was the only one to finish the center.

Becky's "Give Peas a Chance"
Don't pay attention to the quilts in the background.  Becky is currently auditioning fabrics for the large setting triangle corners.  Her light fabric had too much pink and yellow in it and we all felt it would detract from the work she put into the center portion.

Ari is doing Red Hot Mama and needs to do another block to cut for the corners.

Ari with her Orange Hot Mama
When you see the corners added, you will understand the name.

Frances is stepping out of her comfort zone to add a red strip. 

Frances' version of Give Peas a Chance -- maybe
Frances did well to finish one block since the red detail is not included in the pattern and took a lot of concentration.  I applaud her persistence.

Nancy and Sena each finished a block.

Nancy upper left; Sena upper right
I'm not sure which setting of the pattern Nancy and Sena were working on.

The Life's a Bear retreats hosted by Cindy Williams (the Math Whisperer) and Nancilee Dills are not only in a beautiful setting (Lake Junaluska, NC), but a great value and the food is too tasty for my own good.  I suggest you check out the LAB facebook page for upcoming events.  The fall retreat will be Feathered Star.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Angela Made Me Do It!

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Aqua

When Angela/soscrappy announced the color for April is aqua, I went searching in my blue scrap bin -- very little.  I checked my shelves of folded yardage -- nada.  I wanted something that clearly said "I am AQUA," not blue-green, not green-blue, not grayed down to boring-dom.

Nothing to do but go shopping!

Aqua fat quarters
I find that I really LOVE aqua.  There will probably an aqua quilt in the near future, as soon as I find the perfect background.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Life's a Bear

Day 2

Making progress on my Op Art quilt.  Friday's accomplishment -- two strata:

Mine is a little subdued compared to the others, but Cindy calls it "sophisticated."  (That may be a first for me!)

Today we shared our progress in a group photo before one of our number had to leave.

You see what I mean about "subdued"?

Friday, April 5, 2019

Retreatin' at Lake Junaluska, NC

Spending time with Cindy Williams, Nancilee Dills, and 15 old and new friends.  What we're working on:

Cindy introducing the project on opening night
Upcoming Fall Retreat -- Feathered Star:

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Catching Up

And getting ahead

April's calendar is full of retreats, birthdays, visits with family, guild programs ... well, you get the picture.  So I knew I need to get my act together or I'll be stressing out.

Highest priority was prepping for Life's a Bear Getaway and Retreat at Lake Junaluska this coming weekend.  Strips are all cut and packaged up.

Enchanted Garden
I can't wait to show you what we accomplish at the retreat!  I have reservations about my fabric choices but I was determined not to purchase anything for this project so I went with two somewhat coordinating fabrics that I had a little over 2 yards on hand.  I am hoping it will be a neutral enough background to put a very colorful applique on.

I've been trying to get 6 blocks made every day for my secret sewing project.

I've been shooting from the hip with this one and I see areas where I may want to lighten it up.  But for now it is what it is.

I spent an hour in the retina doctors waiting room today catching up on a Tiny Tuesday from the yellow month -- well, at least I made it in yellow ...

I used the freezer-paper-on-top method, hoping to revive a needle turn method I think I learned at the knee of Elly Sienkiewicz.  I prepped this so long ago that the freezer paper had become unstuck.  And I started with too small a needle.  But after I switched to a longer needle to sweep the seam allowance under the piece, I developed a rhythm and I think after a good pressing and trimming to size I will be happy .

I also managed to get 8 chandelier bead blocks done this afternoon in aqua, the RSC color for April.

And one of three Double Shot blocks.

Tomorrow I'll be packing up for the retreat, cleaning bathrooms in anticipation of guests who will be going with me, and fitting in an annual medical visit.  I'll do my best to report in from Lake Junaluska this weekend.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Quick Post

and I'm not foolin'!

Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing has been close to non-existent since the first of last month.  So glad I got a quick jump on my major blocks which I showed here.  Tiny Tuesday, on the other hand, not so good.  Only one uninspiring improv log cabin block.

But I found a couple of treasures in unexpected places.  A tiny triangles block ...

... and an appliqued heart.

Lots of prepping and very little sewing planned for this week.  That is, until Thursday.  More on that later in the week.

Check out other RSC projects at soscrappy Scrap Happy Saturday.