Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Secret Sewing

I can't tell you what it is or what it's for ... but I'm having fun!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mountain Quiltfest - Final Report

Classes and more

I only took two classes this year.  The first was a bag class and, unfortunately, it left a lot to be desired.  Let me stress, that this is NOT typical of the classes at Mountain Quiltfest or the staff at the LeConte Center.  It was more due to the circumstances than anything else.

First, the center staff weren't aware they needed to reset the room from concert to classroom between sessions so we got a late start.  And the box of kits hadn't been delivered to the room so the teacher did her best to talk us through the first steps without any props.  When the box did arrive, the choice of kits was spectacular, everything was included, and all the parts were pre-cut!  But, the pattern was a bit confusing, the fusible Bonsal didn't fuse, and my lightweight travel machine did not like sewing on the Bonsal AT ALL.

Nevertheless, I got this far in 3 hours:

Pretty side
Zipper side
Lined pocket
I still need to finish the sides which I think includes trimming and finishing the zippers.  If I were to make this bag again, I would use a beefier machine, make sure I had a zipper foot, and I would use a softer interfacing.  Those of you who have made bags, what type of interfacing would you recommend?

The second class was Jenn's Journey, a play on Storm at Sea.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I "cheated" by using parts from a similar abandoned project.  I spoke to the teacher in her booth before the class and told her what I was doing, that I was confident in what I was doing, and I would do my best to lay low and not confuse the others.

The snail's trail blocks went together without incident and I was happy I had not invested in the $50 set of rulers.  (Although I did get a smaller version of one of the rulers that will help with Economy blocks and pineapples.)

Jenn's Journey - one quadrant
I am not totally happy with the diamond fabric; I may dig further through my stash for something more interesting, although seeing it in the picture it is growing on me.  I am just doing a wall hanging/table topper so the snails are done.  It will be surrounded with the diamonds and SnSs.

On the shopping front I was very reserved.  After the kids left on Tuesday, I drove back to Gatlinburg to visit Susan's Mountain Stitches.  She always has great deals during Quiltfest and I took advantage of the $2 FQs and a sweet quick quilt pattern.

I invested in one of Cindy (The Math Whisperer) Williams' fabulous manuals.

It is loaded with ideas for settings and borders and she does all the math!

I added three Studio 180 (Deb Tucker) patterns.  I have already pulled fabric for Mandala!

My big splurge was this panel that I purchased from Dizzy Divas (Knoxville).  I plan to use it in a panel One Block Wonder class later this summer.

Why was it a splurge?  Because I had to buy 7 to do the OBW!  I am so excited to see how this will work out.  Now what to do with the other 2 panels x 7 that I bought online ... wonder if I can return them ... hmmm...

All-in-all Mountain Quiltfest was a blast.  It gets better every year and I hope to be going back next year.  See you there?

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mountain Quiltfest - Part 3


There were quite a few entries in the Modern category this year.   Here are some of my favorites.
(Warning: photo heavy)

Mind the Gap - Patty Ashworth, Oak Ridge, TN
Gap detail
Socks and Shoes - Loretta Painter, Norris, TN
Soaring to New Heights - Judy Stokes, Columbus, MS
Cascades - Lynda Wallace,  Knoxville, TN
Cascades detail
And while it wasn't in the Modern category, I think this one could have been:

Optical Eclipse - Loretta Painter, Norris, TN
Eclipse detail
A few more of my favorites:

The Challenge - Lynda Wallace, Knoxville, TN
I love how she let the fabric do the work.

Challenge Detail
Plaid to Meet You - Dixie Franklin, Clarkson, KY
Plaid detail
So that's a wrap on this year's Mountain Quiltfest show.  I'll report on my classes tomorrow.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Please Adopt Me!

Orphan Adoption Event

Adoption Closed
Rachel is the winner

Each March Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework conducts an Orphan Adoption Event where partially finished/started projects can be passed on for someone else to complete.  The intention is to get these projects finished, not to sit on someone else's shelf as a UFO.

This time I am offering a project that I started quite a few years ago in a class.  I just don't love it; I hope someone else will.

The pattern is Chop Sticks; the pattern will be included with the UFO.

You can see from the first photo, four rows have been assembled but not attached to each other.  
This offering will include additional finished blocks:  8 with the wide colored borders ...

... and 11 with the narrow white border.

Also included will be some additional middle triangles and strips to cut more.

I will be honest; the finished blocks are not perfect.
It would be beneficial if you have access to a 12" 60-degree triangle ruler to make adjustments.

I have no stipulation how you use this project, but I would love to get a photo when it is complete!

This adoption will be open through March 29, 2019 with the winner's name drawn from a hat at 
6 PM next Friday.  I am in Tennessee and will ship within the U.S. only.  I will pay the postage.

Leave a comment telling me why you want to adopt this project.
Be sure to include an email address so that I can notify you if you are the winner.

PLEASE help me find a home for this waif!  
And be sure to check out the other orphans at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Mountain Quiltfest - Part 2

Theme Quilts
A few of my favorites

Delilah Libby - Sevierville, TN

Acquiring Target
Anne Marie Miro - Tiger, GA

Oriental Journey
Angelee White - Gray, TN

Birds of a Feather
Bonnie Goolsby - Sevierville, TN

And the one I showed on my last post ...

Lilies Along the Path
Angelee White - Gray, TN
Can you guess the theme?

Next year's theme is panels.  I will be taking a panel One Block Wonder class in July.  Maybe it will be good enough to enter ...

I'll report on my classes -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- tomorrow.

No progress this week on RSC, but lots of green in these photos so I am linking to Scrap Happy Saturday at soscrappy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mountain Quiltfest

The Show - Day One

I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorites from the show today.  The show has definitely grown (in my estimation, at least) both in quilt entries and vendors.  I'll start with the big overall winners.

Large - Hand Quilted

I question the category on that one, but no denying it is beautifully executed.

This one is by my friend and fellow quilt teacher, Sue Jones.  Here is a detail from the quilt ...

More winners ...

See if you can guess what the Theme category was this year.  I'll show more tomorrow.

There were a lot of Bonnie Hunter quilts -- she is a featured teacher this year after all -- 
and the expected popular patterns and obvious guild projects, 
but overall I found the quality and originality remarkable for a medium-scale show.

A Grand Time

with the Grands

Gotta say this has been a fabulous few days!  Son-2 arrived with the two youngest grands (now 14 and 17) on Saturday -- their first visit to our new digs.  CG's comment when she toured the quilting studio:  "So this is where the magic happens!"

Sunday included lunch at a nearby state park followed by a matinee performance at the Cumberland County Playhouse.

Striking a thespian's pose on the outdoor stage
On Monday we tandemed to Pigeon Forge for a day of amusing rides at Dollywood.

There was a bit of chill in the air, but the sunshine was glorious and actually added a bit of red to my forehead while enjoying a few of the milder rides. 

Tuesday morning found us at the TN/NC line in the Great Smoky Mountain NP.

View from Newfound Gap
We ended the visit Tuesday on the "Longest Coaster in Tennessee" (and maybe the US).

Terrifying and hilariously fun at the same time!
The kids headed back to the Glade while I stayed in Pigeon Forge for Quilt Fest.  I'll do the show this morning; I have a bag class this afternoon.  I'll give a full report tomorrow night.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Mountain Quilt Fest

Hey, if any of my readers will be at MQF in Pigeon Forge this week, give me a shout.

No sewing the last few days.  I was prepping for a visit from the Grands.  
We're going to the Playhouse this afternoon and on to Dollywood tomorrow.

I'll leave you with Friday's sunset.

March 15
I love the reflection of the sun peaking through the hole in the clouds.
The maples will probably be fully-leaved by the time I get home.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Improv is Just Not My Thing

No matter how hard I try, I just can't get it.

Tiny Tuesday #11
I guess it's not terrible; I'm just not in love with it ...
and I have a second one in the works.

In the meantime, I found this on my table ...

I needed something to replace TT#10 that I mistakenly did in yellow.
It's a little small, only 4.5" unfinished, so I will add a bigger sashing.

This morning I wished I had time-lapse photography capability.

March 13, 2019

6:25 a.m. CDT

6:31 a.m. CDT
6:39 a.m. CDT
6:43 a.m. CDT

FYI: We live on the eastern edge of the Central Time zone.