Thursday, December 31, 2020

Libby's List of 12 in '21

Last year the S'mores were challenged to finish 20 projects in 2020.  This year we are going to work from a list of 12 projects with a number chosen at random each month.  While the goal should be to finish that project, my goal will be simply to move that project along toward completion.

So, here's my list:

I committed to make new green paraments for the church so that project needs to be finished by January 19.

Weaver Fever just needs a border  Easy peasy. 

For Wink & a Smile I plan to just finish what has been cut so it may end up a baby quilt or a lap quilt.  

Rhapsody has not been started, but it has been completely cut since February 2019.  It's a kit from Connecting Threads (I think) but I don't recall what size it should be.  Bright solids on a black background -- too pretty not to finish.

Granny's Stars was started in a class a couple of summers ago.  My plan is to finish what has been cut and call'erdun.

Barn Dance is a collection of different sized churn dashes that I started with leftover pieces from Long Time Gone (#11).  At this point there is no telling whether it will be a small quilt or a utility item.

Shadow of the Bear is another class start from a few years back.  The shadow blocks are done; I still need to make the log cabin blocks if I choose to follow the pattern.  But I could always add other alternate blocks and make a smaller quilt ... hmm ...

Tumbling Triangles is partially cut.  When that number is called I may be inspired to make the whole quilt, but I'm thinking it will probably become a table runner.

Glorified 9-Patch is yet another unfinished class project!  It's all cut; I just need to master the curved piecing.

Harriett's Legacy has shown up at the last two retreats.  It is a medallion style in 19th century repro prints so when I finish the next round of blocks I'll consider it done.

New Diehl Project - I've been collecting Kim Diehl/Henry Glass fabrics and want to put them into something but haven't chosen the pattern/project yet.

Long Time Gone is a Jen Kingwell design from a few years back.  I'm doing it in B/W/brights.  Major portions of it are done and I'll figure out a way to put them into some semblance of a small quilt.

Rainbow Radiance was started in a class with Donna Lynn Thomas.  It uses her special ruler which I don't remember how it works so this one may get scratched.  I'm sure I can find something to replace it!

So now that I've made my list public, youall can hold my feet to the fire!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Secret Can Be Revealed

 The secret project I've alluded to for the last several months can now be revealed.

An oversized churn dash in a neon rainbow of colors ...

Gifted to the youngest grand ...

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Mystery Solved

 Thank you, Ramona!

Last week I asked for help with a UFO.  

I thought I had been inspired by something I saw on Ramona's blog Doodlebugs and RosebudsInitially she denied any knowledge of it, but a few days ago she remembered a project from April 2019.

Here's her block:

I had erroneously added folded corners on all four units rather than just the two with the large center square.  After seeing her finished project, I decided to make the green the prominent "chain".

Here's Ramona's ...

and here's where I am going with mine ...

I was ready to ditch the whole project, so Thank You, Ramona!  I don't know how big this will be.  At a minimum I will use the pieces I have already cut.  I think it will brighten somebody's room somewhere.

Monday, December 7, 2020


 A Long Tale of Two Quilts

It all began with a guild challenge around 2006.  The program topic was the color wheel and color theory.  

Above is the color wheel we all probably grew up with; you know, red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green, etc.  You may not know that an expanded color wheel was developed in the printing industry known as the Ives color wheel or CMY (cyan/magenta/yellow).  This is the one I used.

Participants were all given the same line drawing of an 8x8 16" block but different color schemes. We were to interpret our assignment for the best effect of color and value pairings.  I don't remember exactly what my assignment was; I think it was either triadic or split complimentary with something analogous thrown in as well as an accent!  Whew!

Anyway, I used this fabric as my inspiration.

While most participants came up with a variation of a star for their block, I went to an interlocking design.

I liked my block so much that I decided to work it into a whole quilt.  Fast-forward to 2016 ...

As is often the case, I had lots of pieces and parts left over -- not enough to make Tropicana any bigger, but more than I wanted to trash so I held on to them until last week when I added some puss-in-the-corner blocks and threw this little gem together.

This one will go in the periwinkle guest bedroom.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Need Some Help

 I am hoping one of my readers will recognize this block.

I saw this quilt on someone's blog, either in late 2019 or early 2020.  I was immediately inspired and it appears I have a good portion, if not all, cut and ready to stitch.  All I have in the bag is a little sketch of a partial block and notes about how many pink and how many green units I intended to make.

I believe the objective is to look like twisted ribbons or interlocking links.  From my little sketch I think I have the units arranged correctly in a block, but I would like confirmation.  And knowing the name of the pattern and its source would be nice so that I can properly credit.

Since this is intended to be a scrappy quilt, I am sharing with Angela at ScrapHappy Saturday.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Did you feel the earth shake?

 It's my second post this week!

We had our first snow of the season overnight ...

The "holiday" cactus is loaded with blooms ...

I finished up a 36" x 36" baby quilt made from leftovers ... 

... and packaged up nine baby quilts to go to the guild comfort quilt committee.   We support a pregnancy center in the county.

I pulled another box of leftovers off the shelf and am auditioning fabrics to fill in the blanks ...

... trying to decide if I want to keep it square for another baby quilt or add some sashing and borders for a lap quilt as the colors don't say "baby" to me.

And in my spare time I inserted one square into the EPP project.

More on the EPP project next time.