Tuesday, May 31, 2022

A Beautiful Sight

 A Clean Work Table

I finally arrived at the conclusion that my lack of productivity has been due to the mess(es) in my sewing rooms.  I should have taken a "before" picture!  I had a huge pile of remnants from making white paraments for the church, plus two stacks of "curated" fabrics for an upcoming project, plus scraps from the Bible blocks and piles of notes about "who knows what."

So yesterday and today I set about clearing off the cutting/work table and putting away WIPs in the sewing room.  Part of that process included getting my RSC blocks done for the month of June!

I have put my third RSC project, Square Dance, on hold until I can make some decisions about color balance and layout.

I spent some time at the end of last week visiting with family in Nashville while the NYC grands were in town with Great Grand Princess in tow.  On Friday I ventured south of Nashville to shop at Quilting Squares of Franklin.  I was in search of a sashing fabric to go with the Bible blocks.  They told me about a sale at another shop and on my way there I ran over a metal object and punctured a tire.  Thankfully I was only a few blocks from my previously favorite tire shop, and equally grateful that they had my brand and size of tire in stock! 

Grand DIL and I went to a fiber festival in a nearby town on Saturday and had a fun day together which included a stop at Dickson Doughnuts.  Who knew a vegetarian could have a soft spot for sweets?  While she, the knitter, stocked up on lots of supplies, I came home with a nalbinding needle ...

... and a patriotic T-shirt ice-dyed by a sister-S'more.

The vendor made nalbinding, an ancient form of knitting, look so easy, but when I looked for U-tube videos I'm not convinced.  I'll let you know how I do.  Worst case scenario, the vendor is in Huntsville, Alabama, so it would be an easy drive to take a class.

Hoping to get more sewing done this afternoon and tomorrow while I watch the NCAA Division 1 Men's golf. Vanderbilt is #1 seed and made it to the semi-finals this morning.


  1. It's amazing how clutter can vex our creative spirit. You are ready to roll now! Your t-shirt is awesome! Enjoy the golf. One of our golfers was in the individual part of the tournament, but didn't make the last cut. Now we can watch the baseball!

  2. A clean work table is definitely a beautiful sight! Sounds like a fun time in Nashville - except maybe for the tire. I can't say that I've ever heard of nalbinding! Have fun figuring it out!


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