Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall is in the air ...

... and I never touched a sewing machine.  Where did the week go?

Monday was guild day.  I presented another block in "Back to Basics - Quilting 101". 

Celtic Twist

This month's block was Celtic Twist -- which turned out to be more complex than I thought it would be.  My thinking when I planned this series was that those who start quilting now may be learning with specialty tools and shortcuts without understanding the basics of piecing.  I'm not sure I've accomplished that purpose, but I have been assured that even the most expert quilters have learned something.  We have learned many ways to make half-square triangles, at least two ways to make flying geese, a couple of options for quarter-square triangles, sew-and-flip, and partial seams.

Tuesday I went to Weight Watchers and the library.  I haven't mentioned here that, after declaring I would lose weight in the new year and not succeeding, I have returned to the only weight-loss plan that I have had success with. Slow going thus far, but I expect positive results in the end.  I'm to the point where I need to up my activity level.  Now that temperatures are moderating, I plan to start walking.

After the weekly grocery run on Wednesday I headed down to Chattanooga for the AQS Show.  It was small, but not unexpected for the first year of a show.  The convention center is very nice.  AQS has two more years on their contract there; I hope they do well.

I returned to the show on Thursday to get a more thorough look at the quilts and do some intentional  shopping.  I had only a few things on my list; one was Halloween FQs to finish my swap blocks.

Halloween Fat Quarters

I also got some bright FQs for a class sample ...

Bright FQs to go with existing background

and some black/white FQs for stash enhancement.

Black and White Basics

 The only other fabric I bought at the show was 2 yards of purple Daiwabo Serendipity.  A pattern and some gifts, plus a cordless iron rounded out my purchases.

With time on my hands, and the weather in my corner, I decided to drive up to Maryville to look at some property and use my coupon at Pappy's Quilting (acquired during Pigeon Forge visit in March).  I was looking for a background for my black and white spiderwebs; this is what I finally selected. 

It's really more red than the photo.  I'm still not sure if this is what I will use but it's a good almost-solid to have on hand.

So the stash report for this week:

     In this Week:                 10.5 yards
     Out this Week:                   0 yards
     In year to Date:          219.5 yards
     Out Year-to-Date:     173.25 yards
     Net Used 2014          -46.25 yards

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  1. I love the Marblehead fabrics!!! I have half yards of quite a few of the colors available - they are great mixers for planned-scrappy quilts! You got some great fabrics at AQS - love those b/w's especially!!!

    I don't think I've ever taken a class, no matter how well I may know the subject, that I haven't learned something. I'm sure all your students have also learned as much as they are able to learn at the time :)

    1. I hadn't heard of Marblehead before Friday. I like that it is not solid but will work like one. I knew you'd like the B/Ws!

  2. You came home from the quilt show with a variety of fabrics and with plans on using them! I thought the show was quite small. There was sure a lot of long arm venders, more than I have ever seen. I came home with two packs of needles!

  3. You came home with some great, really usable fabrics. I like that backing, too. Sharon B.


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