Sunday, September 28, 2014


Another week with little out.  It's hard to do anything with vertigo.  I feel like I'm running in slow motion all the time -- no sudden movements.  Even my conversation seems to have slowed down, although I am much freer with offhand comments to perfect strangers ..... what's with that??

The best the ENT doctor could come up with is that something caused the sudden onset that sent me to the ER last Saturday.  How's that for a diagnosis?  Currently treating fluid retention with "water pills."   The good news is I've lost 5 more pounds since Weight Watcher weigh-in on Tuesday!  But, then, who wants to eat when they feel like .... well, you get the picture.

I did manage to get the binding made for French Braid.  Still have the last little connecting section to finish application.  Oh, My, did my LAQ do a fabulous job on it!

French Braid Quilting
She put feathers in the braid, a running curly-cue in the blue cornerstones, and cross-hatching in the base triangle and border.  I can't wait to show you the finished product.

I also got S'more Blue (Loose Change) back from the LAQ.

S'more Blue Quilting

I asked her to use a modern design called "Beans" and I'm really happy with the result.  Had hoped to get that binding (previously counted) applied today, but didn't feel up to it after losses in the Ryder Cup and the Titans game.

I have two weeks to get those bindings turned before I take them to Fall Quilt Camp.  I will be offering both of those, along with three other projects as potential classes for next year.

In those same two weeks I need to finish two more class samples, put the finishing touches on the pattern I will be teaching this year, and start packing all my accoutrements for a week of teaching and frivolity.  Plus our guild show falls in there, as well.  Crossing my fingers that my head stays clear enough to accomplish everything.

Stash Report:

     In this Week:                      0 yards
     Out this Week:                0.5 yards
     In year to Date:         219.50 yards
     Out Year-to-Date:     174.25 yards
     Net Used 2014           -45.25 yards

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  1. Wishing you all the best with your many projects and class prep. I hope the vertigo is on the wane and leaves you feeling better and able to accomplish all you have planned!

    1. Thanks, Jan. Slow and steady -- literally and figuratively -- will win this race.

  2. The quilting is great on your quilts. Hope you get to feeling better quickly and can get your projects done in time. Sharon B.


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