Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Flotsam ...

... floats to the top

It never fails:  something that is missing magically reappears on top of the heap after I needed it!

A dear friend, and fellow S'more, made everyone a Christmas stocking several years ago.

S'mores Stocking

Could I find it when it was time to go to the S'mores Christmas retreat?  NO!  Did it show up in time to hang from my mantle at home?  NO!

Yet, today, more than a month later, the stocking appears on top of a stack on a table outside my bedroom door.  To be honest, there's a lot of stuff piled on that table.... but why couldn't I see it when I needed it?

You'd better believe it is going back in a safe and logical place in preparation for next year.


  1. At least you just misplaced it........yesterday I was supposed to be taking some QOVs to a friend for out mutual friend to quilt. I get to her house and start visiting, and she says......"where are the qovs to be quilted?" DUH! Left them at home right by the door! I blame my poor memory on oxygen deprivation while flying!

  2. I've decided to leave mine hanging at the cabin year round.

  3. I found mine last week. Hopefully the new storage spot will be easy to find next year since the retreat is usually before I do my decorating. Sharon B in Franklin


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