Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Official!

I have Quilter's ADD

I began last week dedicated to Patchwork of the Crosses.  I spent a couple of days stamping fabrics, cutting out the little pieces, and planning blocks.

POTC Pieces

Since I am hand piecing I only got this far before my attention went elsewhere.

First POTC Center

The diversion?  This bin of scraps.

Bits and Pieces

Realizing that I have just a few weeks to prepare my proposal for Quilt Camp 2015, I turned my attention to "Exploding Pineapple."  I needed to work through the pattern and formulize (is that a word?) what I'll put in the supply list.  The blocks are made with a series of squares, the largest being 5-3/8", and is very effective when made from scraps.  So I spent a couple of days whittling down chunks from my bin and after two days I had a pile of squares.  And the bin?

Still Full
Stirring things up has made it appear even fuller than before!

All the time I was cutting squares for pineapple I was thinking about a request  from DIL-1 for a throw in café-au-lait colors.  A glance up at my fabric shelves showed me that I had already assembled a selection of fabrics that met her request.  And how striking it would be to do an Exploding Pineapple in two colors to contrast with the totally scrappy example!

The results:

Exploding Pineapple in Progress

The lights are a lot more tan than the photo shows.  I'm using the floral border for color inspiration.

Here's the thing -- all this activity and nothing finished.  My sole goal for 2015 is to FINISH.  Not so much to finish UFOs as to finish what I start. 

Stay tuned .....

In the meantime, hop over to Patchwork Times to see what other quilters are working on.

Keep Calm

Thanks for visiting today.


  1. Your POTC block is gorgeous. I need to tackle my scrap basket, too, but would much rather sew! Your DIL quilt is going to be wonderful!

  2. I like your pineapple blocks. They are going to make a very elegant quilt.

    1. I agree, Marlene. If DIL doesn't like it, I will keep it for myself. And, if she does, I may have enough of the fabrics to make another for myself!

  3. Ummm...I now feel completely inept! First, the POTC is fantastic. And the exploding pineapple..great call to make it in limited colors. It is coming along nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed quilt, colorful samples, and the next POTC. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Joy. If it's the pineapple making you feel inept, let me tell you it is so EASY. I plan to do a tutorial soon. Stay warm tonight; it's going to be beastly here.

    2. I think it is the combination of colors. I never would have though to mix the limited colors in the pineapple the way you did. But it is stunning. And the Cross...the pattern created by the points is amazing. Again, I wouldn't have thought of it. We stayed warm, but got down to 4 here in Nashville. Brr...I hope all was well with you on the hill, and that you stayed safe and warm.


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