Monday, February 23, 2015

Guess What's on My Wall


Grand Illusion
I'm surprised -- in more ways than one.  From the get-go I had only planned to make half the blocks in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.  After seeing the reveal I decided not to finish the 2-inch sashing pieces.  But I thought I had finished all the other clues except the 4-patch centers which went together very quickly yesterday.  Still I'm short some pieces and parts.  My plan is to finish what I can, then assess what and how many parts I'm lacking.  I've already put the leftover fabrics back on the shelf but I have a surplus of strips cut so I should be in good shape.  Still need to make a decision on some kind of sashing.  Stay tuned ....

Had really planned to put some consideration to these two leftovers from last week's snowbound retreat.  I think they will make nice lap quilts.

Athena Blue

Athena Orange
I need to audition some fabrics for the side triangles, but the van is still at the foot of the driveway and no way am I going to venture down the hill just to retrieve a few projects when I have plenty to work on here in the sewing room!

Take a look at the ice that fell off our roof, but not before the ice dams caused leaking around the fireplace chimneys.

Roof Ice
Husband and SIL scraped much of the ice off the driveway yesterday, but it's still too treacherous for her to get her car down so she can get on her way back to Savannah.

I ain't goin' anywhere!  Except maybe to Patchwork Times to see what others are working on.


  1. Your Grand Illusion colors are great. I love the gray polka dots. Looking forward to seeing your twist on this pattern. The more I see your Athena blocks, the more I want to make some! Love it with the orange. Be safe!!

    1. Me, too, Ramona! I have no clue what to do for sashing. I'm currently trying the spring green, but it's kinda whimpy. Might try the rusty rose I was planning to use in the sashing squares. Found a couple of fabrics on the shelf I'm hoping will go with the Athena tops. Going down the hill today to retrieve meds and may grab the Athena box while I'm at the van.

  2. GI is looking good! Sharon B in Franklin

  3. Beautifully unique colors in your Grand Illusion blocks. I'm still working on getting my version done.


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