Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This is it!!

The Sashing Saga

For weeks I've been blogging about the pineapple blocks
made using Karin Hellaby's technique from Sew Simple Pineapple.
In case you missed it, I posted a brief tutorial here.

It all started with a small pack of fat sixths (12" x 22") of yellow and gray prints that I was using in the sample step-outs for my Exploding Pineapple class at Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes.

The Sashing Saga begins
The resulting blocks were so pretty I decided to make a whole quilt, but the sixths were not big enough. Several shopping trips later, I was set to go bigger.

More grays and yellos
With 81 blocks finished, I was ready to pick a sashing/lattice fabric.  At the risk of repeating myself, I wanted to sash the blocks because the casual construction method doesn't guarantee points are going to match.  Plus all edges are on the bias and I feel sashing will stabilize them. AND I wanted the quilt to be a bit bigger.

Six of 81
My first choice was the plaid in the bottom right block. Several of the fabrics came from that collection so it had all the right colors ...

First Choice - too busy
...but it is a bit busy and blends too much.  My second choice was too heavy.

Second Choice - too heavy
My final choice is just right!

Just Right
I've added it to the right side of all the blocks.  Once I decide on the final arrangement I'll add the left side sashing on the first block of each row.

I will wait until the S'mores Christmas retreat where there will be a large enough design wall to do a complete layout.


  1. Oh, yes, that's the right one! And looks like a row of buttons, for extra bonus points. 8)

  2. Love the fabric you chose for the sashing! Perfect!

  3. That is the perfect sashing fabric for your quilt top. I can't wait to see it completed.

  4. Libby. i love your choice for the sashing - so original and eye catching! It won't take anything away from those gorgeous blocks , but instead add to the totally great look.

  5. Good choice! I'm really looking forward to seeing it at the retreat. And I am SOOO looking forward to the retreat; I haven't done any quilting since the last retreat! But I did do a little sewing for the grandkids. Sharon B in Franklin

  6. Good choice - it's strong enough to add something but doesn't overpower the blocks. I like this colour scheme a lot.

  7. Great sashing choice. It works nicely with those blocks.


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