Monday, November 30, 2015

DWM - Geese on the Move

... Flying ve-e-ery slowly

In spite of the Thanksgiving holiday festivities I've been making steady progress on Geese Migration. So far I've kept up with my goal to make one block a day.

Geese on the Move - Day 4
A flock of four blocks and a gaggle of the flying geese units completed ...

Each block consists of five flying geese with the same solid sky/wings (I'm never sure what to call the pieces/parts) flanked by five rows of three assorted squares.

In studying the pattern picture, it seemed that the maker made most of the blocks in graded values of a single color, so that is the approach I am taking.  I am using my Japanese taupe collection enhanced by other fabrics in my stash that have "the look" of Japanese taupes.

Even though the nature of Japanese taupes is very subdued, there is a surprising amount of color in those prints. Still, it has been challenging to keep the subtle "mood" while inserting color to make it more interesting. I am really looking forward to seeing this finished, but Christmas projects will be taking priority over the next few weeks.

The Cardinal Rule
Wilmington Prints

Today I need to get started (and hopefully finish) a small wall hanging for SIL's mountain cabin.

The pattern I planned to use will make it too big to fit in the space between her living room windows so I will probably just add some borders and callerdun!

She had requested something for Christmas but I thought this panel was not so in-your-face-Christmas and could carry over into the winter months.

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  1. I love the colors you've got going on in your geese. I'm already looking forward to seeing this one all put together! Japanese taupes, you say? Must investigate...
    That's a really nice cardinal panel. It really will extend the holiday season beautifully!

  2. Your Geese Migration is going to be GORGEOUS! I love your fabric choices. This pattern is going on my to-do list!

  3. I love this palette - muted but still full of colour. This is going to be very pretty.

  4. Your geese blocks are so cool! Coming together really well.

  5. Love your Geese Migration blocks. Hope all you Christmas stitching goes smoothly.


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