Friday, April 21, 2017

New Resident on the Hill

Snapping Turtle?

This creature showed up in our driveway this morning, just as I was getting ready to run some errands.  It "clammed up" the minute I got near so I can't be positive in my identification.

Or it could be a box turtle, though the pictures of them on the internet are more colorful.

The only other snapping turtle I've seen around here had more of a
prehistoric look with a spikey back and long tail.

It was long gone by the time I got back from Kroger.


  1. The resident animal/bird expert in the house (My Guy), said it didn't look like either a snapping turtle or a box turtle. But reptiles aren't his speciality, so wasn't sure what type of turtle it was. Hopefully he found a pond or creek to make his home in. Or maybe he was looking for a hook up for this spring?

  2. Lucky for him, you saw him (instead of running him over with the car!)

  3. A red-eared slider, maybe? But it would be a long-ago escapee from someone's aquarium/terrarium to get that big!

  4. not a snapper not a box, not a read earred, just a regular harmless garden variety turtle. We called them Map turtles on the farm. (Ohio)

    1. I had never heard of "map turtle" so did a little research and I think you are right. Definitely female based on the size.

  5. Red earred, sorry, I didn't proof read

  6. My goodness, he's a big guy, whatever the variety!

  7. Oh, he's a handsome fellow!! I'd guess a slider, too. They are water turtles, but definitely not snappers. They're kind of ugly. LOL! He hang around?? :)

  8. This is one of those moments when I remember how different our home countries are: we have nothing like this chap. What a cool thing to have visit.

  9. What a fun sighting! I love any kind of wildlife that we find in our yard. Lately, it has been wild rabbits!


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