Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Killing Time

Mindless Sewing

In between the frustration of no internet and the urban renewal going on in my sewing studio, I been doing some mindless sewing.

Half Square Triangles
Somewhere along the line I inherited / picked up / stole a zip-bag full of half-square triangle pairs.

My kitchen bar cutting station
I've been trimming these every night while dinner cooks.  Six different solids -- dark gray, dark green, peach, gold, and two shades of aqua -- all paired with what appears to be Kona Snow.

Trimmed to 2-1/2", they will finish at 2".  There will be at least 250 of these little gems when I'm done.  At 2" it will take a lot more to make a quilt of any size.  I think I've found a pattern where I can use what I have and fill in with plain snow white.

Stay tuned!

Oh, I forgot to say it was a MOUSE that ate the soap!  Maybe it talked back to its mother.  That was the punishment for me when I was young -- mouth washed out with soap.  Only happened once, believe me!!


  1. Those are such pretty colors, Libby! I'm all for mindless sewing (hence what I have been working on lately), but I'm not so sure about the trimming part... Are you remodeling your sewing room?

  2. Use them to make a baby quilt - ready for whenever you need it. Sharon B in Franklin

  3. You can always use the bits you have to make a central panel and build a quilt from there. For now, enjoy your mindless sewing!!

  4. Mindless sewing can be the best kind. Love the colors you are playing with. Hopefully the mouse is gone?

  5. Love mindless sewing, so CALMING! Have fun and hope the mouse is gone for good :(

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