Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Almost Famous

At least that's how I felt when one of my projects showed up in a Google search!  Here's the back story:

At Devo and Sew on Tuesday one of our newer members who is a pattern designer and teacher was leading a  workshop using Deb Tucker's Studio 180 rulers.  Part of the block of the day was what some people call a square-in-a-HST.

I know that block by another name and when someone after class asked for further direction on how to make them, I started to say "Just Google M..." when I realized that the teacher (who was sitting at my table) might prefer to make a sale so I bit my lip.  Until she said, "Go ahead; I'm always looking for alternate solutions."

So we Googled "Mary's Triangles" and photos from my 2014 blog appeared! (Thankfully, they were appropriately attributed to my blog.)  Not only that, it said there was a tutorial on my blog (June 11, 2014)!  

It is such a versatile block.  This is the quilt I was working on at the time -- nothing but MTs:

And this is the lucky recipient who has since passed away from metastatic breast cancer.  Her husband told me how much she treasured this quilt.

I told the story in this post (December 15, 2017).


  1. It's exciting to see our quilts in cyberspace. It's a beautiful quilt, too.

  2. That's a neat block! I love the quilt you made from it. Also the story of the woman you gave it to. Thanks for linking to your tutorial!

  3. Wow! I love that quilt and you came up on my google as the second image! You're famous!

  4. Nothing like boosting that search algorithm! I did, too, and there you are. The design you made for your friend is lovely with the concentric rings of color.

  5. +Oh I got a tear seeing that lovely photo, Libby, and with your beautiful quilt too.
    Meanwhile, how neat to have your quilt come up. Sometimes on Pinterest, Canadian Needle Nana will come up and it always kind of startles me. I think I'm sending posts into the unknown never to be seen again, I guess.

  6. SEW cool that YOUR lovely project popped up in that Google search, Libby!!

  7. Ah that's a beautiful quilt, and so was your recipient. That's a great tutorial, Libby!


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