Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My $81 Magazine

Sunday afternoon I went to Jo-Ann's specifically for a magazine that I need for my guild programs.  Of course I went armed with my coupon flyer from the Sunday paper.  I usually use the coupon on project storage boxes, but they were on sale at 40% off, so I got two.  Couldn't use the coupon.

Heading over to the magazine stand I passed the holiday decor aisles and noticed everything was 30% off so I picked up a tablecloth for the guild's potluck lunch Saturday, a pair of groovy socks for the Queen Mother (MIL), and a few other items.  Nothing qualified for the coupon.

Thinking I might find some Peanuts fabric, I perused the racks of fabric.  I couldn't pass up this lucious paisley so I bought a little over 4 repeats (1-1/2 yards) to demo the 4-patch posey technique in a class I'm teaching in two weeks.  On sale, couldn't use the coupon.

Paisley  -- Reminds me of the glow-in-the-dark peacock at Glo-Golf

Magazines were excluded from the coupon, so by this time I was determined to find something, anything, I could use my coupon on.  And there it was!  I settled on 3 yards of this yummy brown with colorful sprinkles for a background .....

Chocolate Brown with Sprinkles

Frankly, I haven't purchased fabric at Jo-Ann's in a long time and I was impressed with both the choices and quality -- but not the prices.

Oh, I did finally get the magazine and it only cost me $81!!

Earlier last week I had gone to The Quilter's Path in Mt. Juliet, knowing that Merita would have red grunge.  I figured 1/2 yard would be sufficient.  Somehow that half yard morfed into 5-1/2 yards.


In addition to the red I got a yard of the brown Grunge, a yard of pretty blue with an Asian look, two yards of an interesting tan to go with my taupey-tan collection, and a solid lavender.  Except for the blue, I have a plan for all of these.

Bottom line:  the stash took a hit last week.

Stash report this week:
     In this Week:            10.0 yards
     Out this Week:          0 yards
     In year to Date:         177.75 yards
     Out Year-to-Date:      136.5 yards
     Net Used 2014         -41.25 yards

It could be worse, I suppose.  I have several projects nearing completion and with the S'mores retreat later this month I should be able to move the net used closer to zero.

We are having such pleasant weather here in Middle Tennessee.  Wish I could bottle it and send you some.

Happy Trails!

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  1. LOL. I love your yardage accounting.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sally. I started tracking fabric usage when I started blogging and I have found that accountability curbs the appetite. Doesn't stop me, but I definitely think twice!

    2. PS, Sally. The solution to your dilemma with Google is to drop out of Google+.

  2. Who could blame you? Great fabric choices. And I always run in for "just one thing" and come out with a bunch too. You're not alone!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mari. I hope you'll come back often.

  3. Who could pass up a great coupon?
    A+ for shopping!

    1. Thanks, Esther. I do get annoyed that the coupons are usually only good on regular priced merchandise and what I go for is on sale. This Friday is off the entire purchase. I will go back!

  4. why do you torment your fabric collector self with keeping tabs on ins and outs??
    You are so funny! That JoAnn trip is par for the course for me. I tell DH I'll be a minute to use a coupon and he says, everything will be 10% off anyway. I miss using it on magazines as I always got Studios with a coupon. wah.
    LeeAnna from not afraid of color!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, LeeAnna. Judy Laquidera got me started and I have found the accountability (if only to me) keeps me in check. Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I was into contra dancing for several years and I have family in your part of the world.


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