Monday, August 4, 2014

How do I spell R-E-L-I-E-F?

For several weeks I've had something hanging over my head and today I polished it off -- at least for a time.  The relief I feel is indescribable.
Irish Grandmother

I have been writing a pattern for a class I am teaching at Peg Bingham's Fall Quilt Camp in October.  Being my first attempt at pattern writing, I want to have a professional-looking product with easy-to-understand instructions illustrated with clear graphics.  Easy-peasy, right?  Not for me!

My Beta test group gave me many good suggestions, but I was still grappling with the presentation.  The solution truly came to me in the dark of night and in the matter of two days I have it formatted and near completion.  Just need to add a few graphics to illustrate some key points.

My question for you:  How important is it to you to have detailed instructions for plain borders, creating the quilt sandwich, and finishing?  Seems to me those are basics covered in many publications.

I can see covering the borders.  Then is "Quilt as desired" sufficient?

I have until October to finish....


  1. That looks like a lovely quilt pattern! If this were published in a magazine, I would probably not be concerned about the borders instructions; as you said they're covered in many, many publications and most mags as well. However, in a stand-alone pattern, I think it would be more important to include instructions - could be a first-time quilter attempting your pattern ;) "Quilt as desired" could certainly be included.

  2. I think that detailed instructions for borders are not necessary. And "quilt as desired" is adequate. However, I love getting suggestions on quilting. It is a real "plus" for those of us who do not have the vision of what can be accomplished with quilting motifs.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I understand how quilting suggestions can be useful to some, but I generally leave that up to my LAQ. I just don't have the vision for that layer, either.

  3. This quilt is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a stained glass window. I agree with the other two comments... adding "Quilt as desired" would be enough in most cases. There are so many other ways to get that information, if needed. Gorgeous quilt!!


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