Monday, December 22, 2014

All Caught Up -- Almost

In spite of my previous objections, I caved and decided to do Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt again this year.  She is calling it "Grand Illusion" and clues are revealed each Friday; we are a month into the challenge.

Grand Illusion - Progress

Some things you need to understand:

1.  I chose my own colors which has presented its own set of problems since I substituted green for aqua, a rusty rose for green, and a taupey dot for the yellow constant.  I have to constantly refer to my crib sheet.  Otherwise I'm using flesh for pink, " "brack" (a brown that's almost black) for black, and silver gray for neutral--not much different than Bonnie's colors.

2.  I'm only making half size to start.  That way if I don't like the final reveal I won't have committed a lot of time and fabric.  But I've made sure that I'll have enough fabric if I want to make it full size.

So, Clue 1 -- broken dishes -- I finished right away, except for the extra half-square triangles that would be used in Clue 4.  I actually made a few more than half of the broken dishes units.

Clue 1 - Broken Dishes

Clue 2 -- double diamonds -- took a little longer.  I'm using Method 2 with the Easy Angle ruler and I'm having very good results.  I am 4 units short of completing half of the double diamonds.

Clue 2 - Double Diamonds

Clue 3 -- two-by-fours -- should have been easy.  Two rows of four 2" squares.  First thing I did wrong was make stripsets of brack and silver instead of  brack and rose.  And no one pointed out when I posted my progress that the brack squares were in the wrong corner!  At least I had only made a few to test my rusty rose color!  Still need to make 30 to finish half.

Clue 3 - 2 x 4s - Oops!

Clue 4 -- more broken dishes in two different arrangements.  Done!

Clue 4 - More Broken Dishes

I will try to get a few minutes at the sewing machine every day this week so that I will be totally caught up (half way, that is) when Clue 5 is revealed on Friday.

Hop on over to Quiltville's Quips and Snips to see progress around the world.


  1. I love the colors you are using. So very different. Love it!

  2. I'm right there with you on the color substitutions. It's worth it though. I love your color combos!

    1. It definitely requires concentration! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I used yardage in my stash in different colors. Requires constant checking to see if I'm using the correct fabrics. Love your colors!

    1. Me, too. Had to go with colors that I had enough of! Thanks for visiting.

  4. I have a feeling you ARE going to love the colors and the outcome! It is hard to do a different color scheme than Bonnie's, but, it will be well worth it!


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