Monday, December 15, 2014

S'mores Christmas Retreat and Stash Report

The S'mores held their annual Christmas Party/Retreat last week.

You may remember that we are called "S'mores" because we like to laugh s'more, eat s'more, and quilt s'more.  And at Christmas we like to gift s'more!  Even though we were missing some folks with issues of concern, we managed to accomplish a lot in addition to supporting each other through crises.

I had high hopes of slaying two dinosaurs -- both pink and brown and both hanging around since that color combo was the rage several years ago.  First is a medallion quilt that I began at Gwen Marston's Beaver Island Retreat (which is no longer held on Beaver Island, BTW, and has been taken over by the Holly Sisters) about 10 years ago.

Pink and Brown Medallion
I was a relatively new quilter with a limited collection of fabric, trying to make something look mid-19th century.  Also, I hadn't quite honed in on an accurate 1/4" at that point.  I sort of cheated by beginning with a toile-style panel -- I think by In the Beginning -- and got 5 rounds on it.  The 4-patches on point were to be the next round but I think proportionately it's too clunky plus I can't figure out how I planned to make the corners work.

I think I am going to scrap the 4-patches -- well, not really; I'll use them in something, maybe a strippy -- and do a graduated log border (don't know any other way to describe it) in the same brown as the 5th round you can see at the bottom.  And call it done.  Or maybe it will say it needs something more (but I hope not!).  Regardless, I couldn't make the math work in my frazzled brain so it went back in the box.

The second one is a strippy of flying geese separated by this spectacular fabric by Jo Morton/Andover Fabrics. 

Again, started before I appreciated the wonders of an accurate quarter inch or recognized the hazards of sewing on more than one machine.  My strips of geese were not all the same length.  They should have measured 81.5".  So I cut the separator strips at 81.5" only to discover that the geese measured 82.5".  To make a long story short, I shortened the geese strips by one, adjusted a few seams and managed to make  everything fit, but it took me the better part of two days to work this out. 

Pink and Brown Strippy

I'm SO over pink and brown.  (Don't pay any attention to the fabrics I'm using in Grand Illusion .....)

Before attacking anything else of major consequence, I made a back for Mary's Triangles then set about finishing Dots and Dashes (a/k/a Churn Dash) that I almost finished at the guild retreat.  I added two borders and made the back.  (Not sure why this picture came in sideways ....)

With the little time I had left I worked on Clue 2 of Grand Illusion.  I am using Method 2 with the Easy Angle Ruler.  I am having good results and there is virtually no waste.

Stash Report - Dec 14

     In this week:                   0.0 yards
     Out this week:              19.75 yards
     In year to Date:            258.5 yards
     Out Year-to-Date:         215.5 yards
     Net Used 2014            -43.00 yards

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Hope y'all have a great week!


  1. Your brown and pink strippy quilt is beautiful! Well worth the effort to "fix it" in my opinion. I really like your "Dots and Dashes" quilt, too. The yellow just pops.

    1. You're so kind to say so, Ramona. I almost gave up but since I was tired of tripping over the project box and forged on. So glad I did. It's a generous twin or ample double. I may just keep it, after all!

      Dots and Dashes will be a gift some day; it's a happy quilt.

  2. It can't have been easy to fix the geese but it looks fabulous.

    The Churn Dash quilt is beautiful.


    1. Thanks, Helen. I appreciate your comments. And I love your screen name!

  3. If you make many more pink and brown hourglasses the effect is like a Dutch medallion. But I understand that you just want to get this UFO out of the way! I like your quilting group's name and a holiday party and retreat combination sound perfect. Good progress on your other projects!

  4. Libby, they were looking great! You accomplished a lot! Sharon B in Franklin


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