Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello again ...

... dear deer

It's been quite a while since I have seen evidence of deer in our yard -- except that the Chinese holly is a lot sparser.  We have a new development going in over the hill behind us and the developers have been raping the landscape to create "buildable" lots, so I was not really surprised that the deer may have moved on.


Seven -- yes, seven mostly adult size deer started ambling down the hillside as I was policing the kitchen last night.  They heard our activity and froze in place.  It's amazing how sensitive their hearing is!  Then a car drove down the street and they retreated up the hill.  They probably went back down the hill to the river after dark.

I love living in the midst of nature -- tho I don't like what the deer do to my garden.

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  1. Hi Libby. I remember the same thing happening with new construction. Of course back then we lived in a small subdivision that was bordered on one side by a beautiful river. The back of our house had an empty lot. I loved that lot. There were bicycle trails through it and I used to catch horned lizards there. BTW, I was 9 when this happened! In our case, when they cleared the lots to put in townhomes, it was the mice that scurried away into the surrounding houses. Our first mouse was discovered by me as it crawled across my neck while I was sleeping. Ick! There was a second spotting, again by me, of a mouse walking down the hallway. Yuck!

    I feel sorry for your poor deer losing their habitat. It's a pity.


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