Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Geese on the Move

Days 5, 6, and 6.5

Yes, I know I said one block a day,

Day 1
... but some projects are just irresistible.

Day 2
And this one just makes my heart sing!

Day 3
I can't stop thinking about it,

Day 4
... planning the next block,

Day 5
Day 6
laying out the pieces ....

Day 6.5
Before I know it another block is done ...

Day 7
... and yet another one on the table.

Day 7.5
My favorite blocks so far are the beige/tan ones; I could love a whole quilt in just those colors.  I think grey will be the next color to work with, adding to the light area in the center of the top.

The pattern is Geese Migration, designed by Cynthia Brunz.

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  1. I've got that pattern tucked away 'for later' - I may have to hunt it up now. I really love the colors you're using for this.

    1. Thanks, Gayle. It is really fitting well with fabrics I had on hand plus the roll of 2.5" strips I got in Shipshe.

  2. Your blocks are absolutely gorgeous! I love the smokey colors you are using. It makes me want to make this quilt again!

  3. Your blocks are beautiful. The colors are moody, calm, gorgeous. How many blocks will you make? How large will your quilt be?

    1. Thanks, Nancy. The pattern calls for 25 blocks and will finish at 62" x 62". That's a nice throw size. If I want it to be rectangular I'd have to add 7 more blocks, something I'm considering.

  4. Gorgeous!! Im going to have to find this pattern. it just gorgeous!

  5. Those flying geese are soaring high - keep it up!

  6. Those are beautiful blocks Libby and I love all the colors!


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