Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Short Week at Mountain Quilt Camp

Fuel for the Soul

For me, there is very little that refreshes more than observing the world from a mountain top, especially in the fall with the leaves turning color.

Last Sunday I motored up to the Holston Presbytery Camp and Retreat Center in Banner Elk, NC for four days of sewing, eating, and fun at Mountain Quilt Camp. Our hostess was Cath Evans from High Country Quilt Shop in Butler, TN.

This was a new adventure for me, having heard about it from another blogger -- Joy at The Joyful Quilter.   Check her blog for a full account of our first Mountain Quilt Camp.

Joy and Libby on T-shirt Tuesday
Though I've been to numerous quilting retreats, this was the first time I've walked in "cold turkey," so to speak.  I was assigned to a bright and spacious sewing room along with many of the other "newbies" and we all had a great time getting to know each other.

I got started right away on my OMG by putting borders on a Halloween panel ...

Halloween flimsy - DONE! a week early
... followed by the addition of top and bottom borders to "Josephine."

I reckon you can see I'm an eclectic quiltmaker!!

Monday and Tuesday were devoted to the third quilt from leftovers in my Scrumptious collection. I am using another pattern from 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts -- Army Star.

Army Star
It has been a challenge to reverse the values in the pattern, but I really wanted to use the "24th and Vine" border from quilt 2 as the main fabric in Scrumptious III.

Scrumptious III
I had worked out my plan at the last retreat, even made the 3-piece sashing units. 

Sashing between stars and broken dishes
Too many sashing units, as it turns out, so I will need to cut and make more stars and broken dishes. Then come up with a plan for borders. 

OR I could use the extra units for quilt 4 .... NAH!

Wednesday was devoted to Dots and Dashes, my many-years-old monkey wrench project.

Dots and Dashes
I had kitted up block pieces -- in pairs since I'm making two quilts -- and worked my way from 28 to 43 completed (times 2). I need a minimum of 50 for each, but could use 59 to make them even longer. Since they are neatly packed in Zip-Loc bags, it will be easy to pick up and sew a pair as time permits.

In my leisurely trip home on Thursday I had plenty of time to reflect on my experience -- the absolutely gorgeous weather, the out-of-sight food, the delightful new friends I met, the progress I made ...

At the same time, I tried not to think about the two weeks coming up when my husband will have cataracts removed from both eyes. I know most folks come through with flying colors and can see so much better afterwards, but I'm worried for him, nonetheless. Thankfully SIL will be here to take care of the Queen Mother and I can devote my time to caring for DH.

Not sure if there will be much sewing in the next two weeks so I'm glad I met my One Monthly Goal with a week to spare!


  1. Wow, you really made the most of your time. Love Scrumptious III! It's always worrisome when a family member has surgery, it's hard not to be concerned even when it's deemed a "minor" surgery.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Libby! LOVE those sweet little Monkeys. Spending the better part of a week with you was SEW much FUN!! Best wishes for successful surger(y/ies) for DH.

  3. I'm enjoying Joy!!! Glad you had such a terrific time at camp!
    Best wishes to DH for the surgery. Hoping for smooth sailing and a speedy recovery!

  4. You had one successful retreat! I am amazed at what you were able to accomplish. I hope your husbands surgery goes well.

  5. Such a productive retreat! I hope your husband's cataract surgeries go well.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Best wishes sent to your hubby and you!

  7. Fun, fun- retreats are so much fun. Lots of nice projects there.


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