Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Already?

Time flies when you're having fun

Most of my week was taken up with a quilting retreat.  It was a small group but what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality -- both in the company and the projects completed.

I just wish I could remember where I packed the camera so I could give a full report (and show some better pictures). 

My first order of business at retreat was to put the borders on the baby quilt I had thrown together the week before.

Baby Shoofly
I think the newly-purchased border fabric ties those Stargazing leftovers together very nicely. Rather than use the remaining print on the back of this quilt, I've cut and kitted yet another quilt!  Surely someday soon I'll run out of teal and pink scraps ...

My plan to work on Dots and Dashes, the planovers from a long ago charity quilt, went by the wayside when another project took longer than I had anticipated.

Josephine in progress
It's another "down the rabbit hole" story. I was looking for a madder fabric in my bin of strippy/border print fabrics when I unearthed this red one (redder in person). Realizing it was from the French General collection, I pulled out a coordinating charm pack I had been gifted last year. The design genes kicked in and before I knew it I was cutting and stitching away. My plan is to add more of the border print to the top and bottom, but after a day and a half I was ready to move on to something else.

More/better pictures when the camera surfaces.  Till then, I'm linking up with Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.


  1. Oh, boy, I've had that experience. You just know you're going to work on one quilt (design, pattern) and you make a hard right (or left) turn. Another quilt results. And it turns out wonderfully!

  2. I think all of us have gone down the rabbit hole from time to time, LOL!!

  3. I seem to spend most of my time in some rabbit hole or another :)

    Love your little quilt. Thanks for sharing it with Oh Scrap!

  4. Fun to see where your ideas took you! Looks like it went together quickly, and those are always the good kinds of ideas!

  5. Both of your quilts look wonderful! I love the idea of combining the charm squares and border print for the strippy quilt.

  6. I'm loving that Baby Shoo Fly quilt!! It reminds me of my Out on a Limb quilt when I paired peach with teal (instead of with my usual sea foam green.) Looking forward to meeting you at Quilt Camp next week!!

  7. I always take so much on retreats... either I think I'll be fast or know I'll want diversions. Nice work! LeeAnna

  8. Love your Baby Shoofly! That border fabric is perfect. Your trips down the rabbit hole are always so fun. Love your new adventure with the French General fabric. Very pretty!

  9. I love your baby quilt. Simple blocks are wonderful to work with and I love the border you found.


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