Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Anatomy of a Quilt


(Credit to Kate at Life in Pieces for naming my quilt.)

Several years ago I purchased this fabric.

I was attracted to its graphic quality, but I also fell in love with the way it felt -- soft and slick.  I just can't resist fondling fabric in the store, on my shelf, on a friend's back .... I digress.  I purchased a couple other black/white/red pieces at the same time with the thought they would go together in a quilt.  Not to be.

After this fabric had "matured" sufficiently, I was inspired to use it for a stacked repeat project, specifically 4-patch posies for which I had an upcoming lecture and class to teach. That is where four identical cuts of fabric are stacked and cut into squares.  The four identical squares are then arranged kaleidoscope style.   I thought the graphic print would yield some interesting results ... and it did.

This ...

... and this ...
But mostly what I got was ...

Bland and boring!
Fast forward a couple of years, the blocks had marinated in the box long enough, and it was time to either DO something with them or pass them on to someone else. (Need I remind you the Orphan Adoption Event, sponsored by Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework, is coming up March 16-19?)

The blocks definitely needed some type of sashing to perk them up.  After thought and some research, I decided a diamond sashing would be dynamic enough to offset the blandness of the blocks.

Poppies -- in progress
In fact, it almost looks like the sashing is the star (pun intended) and the blocks are the backdrop!  A row more of sashing top and bottom (don't have enough fabric for the sides) and the center will be done and I will have accomplished my One Monthly Goal for March!  Still thinking about borders. 

Looking at it now, I think I might have chosen a different arrangement of the posey blocks, but there's no time to second guess.


  1. I love this one, Libby! The way you made the blocks gives a fun pop of red here and there, and the addition of the sashing was a great idea. I'm glad this one isn't turning into an orphan to be put up for adoption!

  2. It's amazing the way the sashing made these blocks into something really dramatic and special! It's an idea that I'm going to file away - thanks!

  3. Some blocks just need a good marinade before they will play well with others. Do you have any idea what size it will be with the borders added?

  4. The sashing takes over, but it looks good that way. The reds are distributed well, so it all works.

  5. this is brilliant. I did a stack and whack but I like the idea of only stacking four layers and doing squares. I have some pretty busy fabric, don't know if there are four repeats but it's a grand idea Libby. Good luck with the class and lecture. LeeAnna

  6. Congrats! on making such good progress on your OMG.

  7. Libby, I love what you've come up with. It looks so dramatic and art noveau. You really came up with a great idea with your sashing.!!

  8. The sashing is very effective. Congrats on perking up your blocks. I love how you have those pops of red a various points in the quilt. Very vivid and dynamic. Glad the name stuck, the quilt definitely pops!

  9. These are really unique and I love what you've done with something that proved to be so challenging. It's a striking layout.


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