Thursday, September 20, 2018

Another Ten!

in the push to 110

I am upping my daily quota so that I can have all the blocks finished before the Smores' retreat in early November.  I need the design wall space at the retreat center to lay everything out.

So I whipped up 10 more in the last few days.  The darker grays photograph as black in my sewing room lighting.

Having the blocks cut in batches makes it easy to pick up a few here and there as time allows.  I've also been chain piecing units from several blocks at once which seems to be helping my productivity.  And I've come up with an easy way to trim the star points:

I don't normally like to do sew-and-flip corners but I couldn't really think of another reliable way to do these because my rectangles are 3" and the corners are 2.5".  Using the 1/4" edges on my square-up ruler lets me trim both corners at a time, which helps.

Now it's time to cut some more blocks!!


  1. You are on a roll! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Looking forward to seeing more blocks!

  2. I love your blocks! The quilt will be fabulous!!!

  3. Beautiful blocks! You are really moving along!

  4. Clever girl using your ruler like that. And your blocks are looking great. Keep up the good work - you can do it!


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