Monday, September 24, 2018

More Dartmoor Wonders

... and Other Stuff

I am convinced there is something on fire under Lake Dartmoor 
because on some mornings I am greeted by this view:

Dartmoor on fire
Other mornings that area sparkles like diamonds.  Just that one spot ...

Lately I seem to work in fits and spurts.  My great plan to make 2-3 yellow-gray blocks (I really need to come up with a name for this quilt) per day came to a grinding halt last week as I jumped into two bell choirs, started yoga, joined a new guild, and played with the bells at church on Sunday.

The Next 10
Meanwhile, the Next 10 sit there, beside my machine waiting for some free time in between trips to Brentwood for the final cleanout and CLOSING, interspersed with a crayon class at Devo and Sew, two handbell rehearsals, yoga, and a 6-month health check with my new PCP.

While I haven't been stitching, I did spend time cutting, not only the next Y/G blocks, but kits for the Quilt Camp class in October.

Bear Paw Shadow kits
I know, it's hard to see what's in the baggies.  This is the class project:

Shadow of the Bear Paw - Trudie Hughes, designer
Originally this was going to be the yellow and gray king-size quilt for our bed, but I needed to make it bigger and I don't really like the bear paw border so I headed in a new direction.  After seeing several quilts by Nancy/Grace and Peace, I was inspired to raid my collection of Asian fabrics to make this quilt in a softer palette.   My plan is to make only the center portion; you may be able to see my pencil lines on the picture where I plan to stop.

In the meantime, my Asian  bin has exploded in my cutting room.

Oh, and I managed to fit in a visit and lunch with The Joyful Quilter who happened to be at a knitting retreat just 30 minutes from my house on Saturday and Sunday.

Joy and me
I hope you are enjoying some of the milder autumn temperatures like we are in Middle/East Tennessee.  And I hope your skies are clear so that you can enjoy the huge Harvest Moon tonight.


  1. It has been raining for the past two days, but it is cooler. You have some beautiful fabrics cut and ready to sew!

  2. Perhaps there is buried treasure there beckoning!
    Your piecing skills are amazing, Libby. And you and Joy look joyful!

  3. Oh, how cool that you and Joyful got to have lunch!
    And your lake-on-fire made me laugh. I wonder if the location will shift over the course of the year as the sun's angle changes...

  4. Oh my goodness. I love the quilt you will be making at the retreat in Oct. So pretty. You are able to accomplish so much. I need to take lessons.

  5. You may not be doing much sewing but it sounds like you are having a lot of fun and settling into your new life. Lots of lovely fabric cut and ready when you do get to sewing.

  6. Enjoy all the fun stuff you've got going. Once you get all the new stuff lined out, you'll figure out when you have time to get back into the sewing room.


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