Saturday, September 12, 2020


 New readers may not know that a little over 10 years ago I became a certified Clearview Triangle teacher.  My fascination with 60-degree triangles began in a circa 2003 class with Sara Nephew, developer of the Clearview Triangle -- Easy 3-D Strip-pieced Triangles (or something like that) from her book Big Book of Building Block Quilts.  Here is the result of that class when I was obviously in my "orange phase":

I was so enamored with the easy process to create the 3-dimensional blocks that I began teaching that technique long before I became a certified teacher.  Around 2008 I traveled to the Seattle area to study at Sara's knee, and in 2010 I went to a follow-up certification class in Denver with Marci Baker who had acquired the Clearview business from Sara.  (C&T Publishing is currently handling Clearview products.)  And, although I let my certification lapse because family life at that time (when MIL was living with us) made travel difficult, I have not lost my enthusiasm for 60-degree triangles which are integral to many of my hexagon designs, like these recent finishes:

Well, in my process of cleaning and reorganizing the sewing room, I came across a project box labeled "Serendipity."  Hmm, what could that be?  It was an exercise from that second certification class where we integrated stacked repeats into the 60-degree process like the One-Block Wonders above.  This is the fabric I took to class to work with:

And this is the book we were learning from:

Let me just say that this was not the ideal project to undertake with sawing and pounding and banging going on all around me during the window/door replacement, but I did manage to get two more blocks made.

I am not sure how all this is going together.  I have quite a mix of simple and complex.

My goal will be at least one more block each week.  When I run out of fabric it will be time to make a setting decision.  Till then, I'm just going to have fun playing.

Window Update:  DONE! 40+ windows and 5 double doors installed in a week.  This place was a-buzzing!


  1. Kudos to your team of workers, Libby (and to you on those 60 degree triangle quilts!!) That first quilt is one of my all-time favorite quilts. I can't even begin to wrap my head around the magic that makes it! Best of luck meeting your goals for the blocks of the quilt in progress.

  2. Wowzers! That was fast! (The windows and the quilt blocks!)

  3. Those are such neat blocks, Libby! Looks like you had fun playing with designs as you learned the technique. Your blue blocks with yellow triangles are a favorite of mine! Glad the window replacement project went smoothly, too.

  4. Wow, those are really creative blocks and that's going to be a fantastic quilt when it's done. I'm looking forward to seeing your blocks as you add to them. Congrats on the completion of the windows!

  5. Oh wow! These blocks are awesome! I cannot wait to see the quilt come together.

  6. Glad the window installation is done ... whew!! Your blocks are amazing! I will enjoy watching your progress on these in the coming weeks! :)


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