Monday, April 25, 2022

What I'mWorking On

Last week was the third week of the month, always my busiest outside the studio. But I did manage to make a little headway in several areas.  First, the Bible blocks ...  I failed to complete my goal of 40 in 40 days 😞 but I'm happy with what I did.

That's thirty 10-inch blocks on the board (in no particular order), there's two more that I would like to remake with different fabrics, and three 15-inchers I will use for pillows or a table runner.  A total of 35 ain't too bad, right?  I just didn't like the mix of 10" and 15" plus I didn't want to make all the little filler blocks required in the pattern.

When I asked my husband's opinion, his reaction was something like "Acckkk" (or maybe it was "Arrggg").  Anyway, I reassured him this was not the final setting; in fact, I plan on sashing the blocks so that they each shine on their own.  But here's my dilemma: thirty 10-inch blocks, even with sashing, will not fit a king-size bed.  So I resorted to my favorite way of making a quilt bigger -- set on point.

(BTW, the design wall is on a queen Murphy bed flanked by bookcases, so it's about the size of a king mattress.)

As I was testing this theory, I also began grouping the blocks by similar style -- crosses, pinwheels, HSTs, stars -- in order to get an even distribution.  But now I need to choose a sashing that is not one of the fabrics in the blocks (or at least one that does not appear on the outside of any block).  The solid cream I chose is too white, I feel navy is too heavy, and robin's-egg blue is on the edge of too many blocks.  Time to shop!  I'll be looking for a cream that is slightly darker than my main background fabric.

I did manage to fit in a lot of prepping and a little bit of sewing, mostly on the 3-yard quilt kits I'm putting together for Devo and Sew.  More on that next time ...


  1. Balance and density are problems I have with samplers. I do like the variety of blues in your project.

  2. Those blocks are so pretty all together, Libby! I think it's a great idea to give them some space from each other - good luck finding that sashing fabric that you have in mind.

  3. However you arrange them, these blocks are making one pretty quilt! I like the on-point setting. Have you considered alternate blocks with interesting quilting in them to make it bigger?

  4. I love the blocks set on point. It's going to be a beauty!

  5. I think it's going to be lovely, Libby!! Glad you saw fit to give yourself some grace over not meeting your ultimate goal for the month.


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