Monday, April 4, 2022

Where did the week go?

Like me, do you have regular events/meetings/chores that fall on the first this or the third that of the month?  So why is it when a fifth week rolls around, and nothing is on the schedule, I have very little to show for my time?

Such was last week.  I know part of my distraction was this:

I'm a big fan of the lesser amateur sports and between the NCAA women's gymnastics, the Augusta National Women's Amateur golf tournament, and Drive, Chip, and Putt for kids, I was pretty much glued to the TV all week.

I did get 5 out of 7 Bible blocks done-- Esther, Naomi, Mary, Noah's Wife, and Lois & Eunice.

I am replacing the 15" blocks with a 10" variation, if possible.  Otherwise I am simply choosing another 10" block as a replacement.  So time was spent researching/choosing the replacement blocks.

Realizing that the Meadow Mist Mystery link-up is Thursday of this week, I pulled out my project only to discover that I still had about 8 blocks to finish (though the pieces were all done and pinned together).  The blocks are now finished and the rows assembled.  

All that is left is a few long seams, a good pressing, and trimming the edges.  This should be an easy finish before Thursday.  However there is a memorial service today, blood work and Devo tomorrow, mammogram on Wednesday and a committee meeting Thursday morning.  And then there's The Masters golf tournament ...  Sheesh, when will I have time for yardwork and house cleaning?  


  1. Pretty Bible women blocks, Libby - I especially like the bottom left star. Your Meadow Mist mystery is really neat! I haven't tried one of her designs yet, but always love seeing what you make in the QAL. The Masters will be on at our house this week, too - a favorite tournament of the year!

  2. Oh, yes -- those "fifth weeks" are so welcome and they go by so quickly! And they throw me off a little, not enough to make me complacent (whee! a free Tuesday!) but enough to wonder if I'm supposed to be doing something else. Case in point: all the prep for tomorrow's (first Tuesday) Zion Woman's Club meeting.

  3. LOL! House cleaning always comes at the end of the task list, doesn't it, Libby? Kudos for getting some sewing done!

  4. Some weeks you just get distracted. Still you made progress on a couple of projects. Your Macaron Mystery turned out beautifully!

  5. Such a pretty version of Cheryl's mystery. She always has good ones, though it's been a couple of years since I participated. I am writing a tutorial for a quick quilt for Hands2Help for Mari, and thought to use your Tiny Tuesday block that is sort of a rail fence but with two uneven rails. I've upsized it, and will definitely give you credit if you are okay with me using it? Not sure if it was your invention or considered a rail fence - you know how quilt blocks go, but I wanted to ask first. ;-)

  6. Hi Libby, such pretty blocks for me to ogle!Those Meadow Mist are so beautifully executed. Love the idea of women's names for all those Bible blocks.


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