Sunday, May 28, 2023

Dead - a PSA

No, I'm not dead, but my car's 5-year-old key fob was! 

Did you know that the battery in your key fob can die?  

I didn't until my car wouldn't start and when I did get it started I couldn't lock it when I got out.  

Yours may be different, but mine took a CR2032 lithium button battery.

Be aware and be prepared!
Also, read your manual on how to use the fob in that situation.


  1. Yes my husband is the battery replacer for fobs! It's so weird the first time it happens! Have a great day Libby!

  2. Oh yeah, we've had that happen on both vehicles! It's a bit disconcerting.

  3. Yikes! Thanks for the warning. In general batteries last longer these days so when they go you've got to be prepared (and have the right size). I remember my first transistor radio and 'leaking' AA batteries.

  4. Always nervous these days about these new fangled modern things, LOL.


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