Sunday, May 7, 2023

Making Do

There is a lovely Facebook group out there -- QuiltHistorySouth -- that discusses antique quilts, primarily from the South.  It's a private group, but worth joining if you are interested in older quilts.  They discuss specific topics for a period of time before moving on to another.  Lots of knowledgeable folks are in the group.  It's both educational and entertaining.  Their current topic is Making Do.  (I'd include a photo at this time but I'm away from home without my mouse and don't know how to copy the photo -- which might not be legal, anyway.)

I bring this up because the Main Man and I have stopped at a state park on our way home from grandson's college graduation and the lodge only serves brunch on Sunday.  So what's a couple to do?  We're Making Do ...

..fruit salad for supper.  I had brought along all the fruit in the house when we left -- an apple, an orange, and a baggie of blueberries -- rather than leave them at home to go bad.  (I also packed a knife!)  So I cut them up, squeezed a little of the orange juice over it all, and served it up with a package of crackers.


  1. well I guess you didn't go too hungry - my man would have insisted on driving another who knows how many miles to get a steak and then go back to the lodge to sleep!

  2. No food wasted and maybe a pound lost too, kind of a forced diet meal. It's a good thing you thought to take along the knife.

  3. That looks good Libby! Reminds me of the meal my husband and I had for our wedding night. We arrived late at the lodge, and of course restaurant was closed. Hubby went out to some vending machines and found peanut butter crackers and Coca Cola, which was in a bottle in 1969. We poured out the (icky) champagne someone had given us and instead had those Cokes. It was one of the best meals ever - we still talk about it.

  4. Since I adore vintage quilting, I belong to several groups that share blocks and especially their history...a great thing about Facebook I find. Meanwhile, it's surprising how satisfying a simple meal can be at times. Doesn't have to be fancy to be good!


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