Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Beautiful Days

Lots of "stuff" going on, not much sewing.

Last week Alex and I flew to Kansas City for his aunt's funeral.  Many of his generation had assembled for the occasion and we had several opportunities to get together and reminisce about our last time together (circa 1984) when I organized a family reunion at Cumberland Mountain State Park (quite coincidentally, near where we now live).  It was a quick trip, and exhausting. 

Last Friday I went with several of the Devo gals to Stitcher's Garden quilt shop in Brentwood near Nashville.  The owner had died recently and they are frantically trying to reduce their inventory with weekly sales.  I only bought 3 yards in the "secret garden" back room, got about 20 $1 fat quarters, and a couple of half-price FQ "flower packs."  I did pay full price for a couple of new acquisitions that I hope to show you soon.  We had a delicious salad sampler at Puffy Muffin nearby.  I took my carload past my previous homes while the others stopped at SMArt for additional sale fabric donated by Stitcher's Garden.

Yesterday a small group of Devo gals gathered at my house for a 5th Tuesday sew-day (we normally meet at the church on the first and third Tuesdays).

Two gals brought machines and the rest of us were doing hand work.  We had a delicious salad lunch and lots of fun.  

All-in-all, several beautiful days!


  1. I'm sorry for Alex and the family's loss, but so glad everyone could get together. Sometimes it seems like funerals are the only time. Your time with your stitching friends sounds lovely!

  2. So sorry about the loss of his aunt, but the get-together sounds like a real blessing. Looking forward to seeing your "acquisitions", and glad you had fun with your stitching friends.

  3. Your family had an opportunity to remember a life well-lived. Great that you and Alex could go. A fun field trip for the Devos!

  4. Sorry for your family's loss. It's sad that it takes a funeral to get everyone together, but I guess that's how life is these days. Hopefully you'll find some time to play with your new acquisitions soon.

  5. Family get togethers, the saddest are for the departed. I found the one I attended last month completely draining as it was a sudden and unexpected death.
    Meanwhile, what lovely stitchy get togethers, Libby. Thanks for the photos and I am envious. I stitch in a vacuum here, LOL.


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