Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just Beginning

Today I'm embarking on a new adventure in social media -- a BLOG.  My plan is to post regularly on a number of subjects, primarily quilting, cooking, wildlife, and occasionally family.

Yes, I live on a hill with my husband and his invalid mother (or, rather, she lives with us).  That's a story in itself and some of it may find its way onto these pages.  Our two sons have grown into fine men, in spite of me, and managed to find smart, attractive women to marry who produced four distinguished grandchildren ages 9 to 29. 

Yes, we live on a hill, a VERY steep hill which proves to be challenging to first-time visitors, especially when it rains and even more when it snows.  Forget trying to get a large delivery truck up here.  Why don't department stores believe what you say?  The poor guys delivering the elliptical had quite the adventure, first getting it up the drive, then the hill, and then a flight of stairs.  We tried to warn them .....

But I digress.  We're nestled in the treetops and marvel every day at the beauty around us.  We share our tree-covered acre with families of deer, wild turkeys, raccoons (don't even get me started there), chipmunks too numerous to count, skinks and other lizards, and most recently an influx of field mice.  When the bird feeder is out we get the usual cardinals, chickadees, juncos, sparrows, and finches.  The occasional hummingbird pops by to give me a lift, as do the bluebirds, though they don't come to the feeder.  Have you ever seen a bluebird teach it's baby how to take a bath?  Hilarious!  Maybe I'll get pictures next spring.

I love to cook -- it's one thing I do well, and it's appreciated even when I don't do well.  Having inherited my mother's recipe box, I have a plan to go through it next year in the spirit of Julie and Julia.  Unfortunately most of her recipes are from the 50s and 60s when everything was made with butter and cream soups.  I'll need to lighten things up.  We'll see how that goes. 

I fill my spare time with quilting.  I make the tops and pass them on to others to quilt the sandwich.  And I teach others who make quilts.

So that's what I'm about.

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