Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yesterday I went to a local quilt shop to get a layer cake that would go with some background fabric I purchased in WV a couple of weeks ago.  The shop didn't have that line of Moda, but since their Christmas fabrics were on sale I chose a different layer cake which, of course, "required" the purchase of additional background fabric.  But I digress .....

The pattern I am using requires twenty 10-inch squares.  Moda layer cakes have 42 squares, some of which are duplicates or light colorways that wouldn't provide enough contrast with my background.  I carefully pulled out the 20 squares that would work and stored them with the background and pattern. 

The remaining 22 squares I folded inside the card that describes how to cut a layer cake and attached a large black clip to hold them all together. 

They are lost. 

Now, tell me, how could I lose anything here? 

I'm sure they will float to the top of the heap at some point.  Meanwhile, the 20 I plan to use are on top of that pile of blue boxes on the floor.

Someday I'll get organized.  But I'd rather be sewing!

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