Friday, October 11, 2013

Running out of Fabric

I know!  If you saw the piles of fabric on my shelves you'd say, "How can she ever run out of fabric?"  But is it the RIGHT fabric.

Here's the situation:  I began a quilt in a guild class earlier this year.  I knew I would be short of the background fabric, so I managed to economize somewhat in the cutting.  What I hadn't accounted for is the fact I wanted to make a 25-block quilt -- basically king size -- like my friends had made, but the fabric requirements in the pattern were for 20 blocks.  I'm not talking small blocks, either; they're 14 inches!  Set on point (which quilters know makes everything look bigger).  When I went to cut my side setting triangles yesterday, I was probably a yard short.  I had already reduced the size of the quilt to 17 blocks for expediency.  Oh, I forgot to mention I'm under a deadline to finish by Monday!  What to do?

One option is to de-construct some of the rows with sashing and re-orient the quilt in a straight setting.  That would screw up my carefully thought out (and diagramed on EQ) arrangement of the blocks.  Plus, I really want to show the on-point setting against the straight setting of another quilt I will be showing on Wednesday night.

A second, more appealing option is to put the five leftover blocks on point in a wall hanging.  I might be able to squeeze out enough side triangles to finish.  I gave up yesterday in frustration and decided to start this blog, instead.  But I really need to get back to it and come to a decision. 

Tomorrow will tell .....

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