Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Urban Renewal - WIP

With my Main Man out of town for the remainder of the week, I decided it would be a good time to reorganize the sewing room (which faces his office space on the other side of the basement).

The first thing you need to realize is that if MM is out of town, that means I'm on MIL duty!  Transfers from bed to chair or chair to table or chair to bed several times a day, plus preparing 3 meals.  Two days in and the load has been light.  So I have headed downstairs to tackle this:

And this:

See that tall wooden thing on the right?  I moved that bookcase by myself into the garage entry hall today.  I will be cataloging all my books tomorrow before I replace them on the shelves.  I also moved my sewing table closer to the windows.

All of these Itso cubes with their storage boxes have been moved to the fireplace hearth (it's never been used and probably won't be as long as we're here).

I'm contemplating what will go on that wall in their place.  Originally I had planned to install a large semi-permanent design wall, but the cable TV connection is on that wall, as well as an electrical outlet and the central vac connection we never use.  I'm thinking a desk where I can work on EQ and write patterns might be more beneficial.  I'll wait for MM to return home before I start moving more furniture.  I'm whipped!!

In the meantime I'll

Keep Calm

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