Sunday, October 12, 2014


I had an appointment to meet up with a friend at Whittle's yesterday.  Yes, the Whittle's y'all know and love on-line.  But I went to the Mother Ship.  Danger, Will Robinson .....

My only reason for going was to pick up a quilt and Whittle's was a convenient meeting point along my route to Quilt Camp in West Virginia. Yeah, right ... Couldn't have caught the quilt on the fly at McDonald's .... huh?

So I steeled myself to temptation and determined that the only thing I might need to purchase was a yard of dark flannel for a design board since my demo pieces have a white background.

I was just a few miles out of town when I realized that I had left the demo pieces for one of the classes I will be teaching at home.  Rather than retrace my steps, I decided a couple of fat quarters could be whipped into a set of demo steps and I knew exactly where I could find said FQs!   Oh, I bet you already know where this is going....

I left Whittle's with enough fabric for a whole 'nother quilt!  Since it's packed away in the car I don't know exactly how much I got.  So for the purpose of reporting my stash situation, I'll just say nothing in, nothing out.  I'll update next week.

Actually, I did almost finish a class sample -- just lacks the borders.

Wink and a Smile

I will be teaching Wink and a Smile on Monday and Tuesday.  Then my pattern Irish Grandmother on Wednesday and Thursday.  Since WIFI at Cedar Lake is iffy, at best, I'll post about my classes when I get home.

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  1. Lovely quilt! Wish I were closer b/c I would love to learn how to make that quilt!

  2. Wink and A Smile is one of my favorite quilts I have made - your class is going to love it. I was at Whittles yesterday also. Didn't buy anything for myself. Enjoy your retreat.

  3. That is lovely. I'll have to find that pattern! ~Melanie

  4. Love your "Wing and a Smile" quilt. Enjoy your classes, hope you have fun students.

  5. Have a great time, Libby! Sharon B.

  6. That is such an interesting block and quilt. Do you have this pattern for sale any where? Great looking overall.

  7. Wink and a Smile-- what a fun name for a fun quilt.


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