Monday, November 3, 2014

Late or Early?

It's November 3 and my design wall holds two Halloween projects.  So, am I late for 2014?  Or early for 2015?

First up are the  blocks from Denise Russart's Spooktacular Block Swap.

Spooktacular Blocks
We could make up to five sets of 3 identical blocks.  I chose to make four sets so I got 12 blocks back.  This was my first on-line block swap -- you never know what you'll get when you don't know the quality of the swappers' work.  But I am thrilled with the workmanship as well as the variety of blocks and fabrics.

I'm thinking about using them to surround a panel I purchased a couple of years ago.

Halloween Panel
I made a set of my blocks for myself -- those on the left -- so I have a total of 16 different blocks.  The stripe fabric on the shelf unit below the panel will be spacers to make everything fit.

The second Halloween project I began at retreat last week.

Little Bits' Haunted House

You can tell the size by the lines on the mat.  Little bitty pieces!!  It finishes at 15-1/2" x 18-1/2".  I had hoped to use up most of my leftover Halloween fabrics, but at this scale I've hardly made a dent.

I need to use free time this week to finish up all my retreat projects.  However, I just got registered for Mountain QuiltFest at Pigeon Forge (March) and all I want to do now is pull fabrics for those classes......  And then there's Christmas gifts to make .....

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  1. I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but your quilts are going to be great! Your swap blocks are great fun. I can't seem to focus on the here and now, either. It's so much fun to plan ahead!

    1. Me, neither. That's why I thought the block swap would help me get rid of Halloween fabrics. Instead, I seem to have more! Like mushrooms, they grow in the dark of night.

  2. What fun projects. Years ago I bought a bunch of Halloween fabric when a store was going out of business. That fabric still sits! I should pull it out and get busy with it. I love the little house quilt!

  3. Oh what fun things you've got going!! I say you're ahead of the game for 2015 -- always a positive spin from me. I've always wanted to do the quilters thing in Pigeon Forge -- are you a return visitor??! :)


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