Friday, November 14, 2014

Mine, Mine, MINE!

As quilters, we frequently give away our work -- to family, friends, and charity.  However, some we simply can't let go of.

Some quilts you want to keep because of their beauty. 

Some you want to keep because of the effort you put into them.

And there are those that are just so blasted comfortable!  Maybe it's the soft back fabric ....

Spare Change - Back

 or the Quilter's Dream Select batting ..... or the minimal quilting ....

Spare Change - Quilting - "Cool Beans"

All I know is,

This one is MINE!!

Mine, all mine!

The pattern is "Spare Change" from Kansas Troubles' Loose Change.  So easy, made from a charm pack and some 10-inch squares from my stash.  Quilted by Susan Shea with the Cool Beans panto.

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  1. It's a beauty! I love blues and doubt I could ever give away one of mine made from blues. And I agree, some quilts are just more comfortable than others. The snuggly ones are definitely best :)

  2. It looks great, Libby! I agree, some just need to stay home with you. Sharon B in Franklin


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