Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Day After the Day After Turkey Day

Not one to subject myself to the madness of Black Friday, I decided it might be safe to go out today, Saturday.

Kroger wasn't too bad.  I needed to spend at least a dollar to get my fuel points up to another hundred -- 'twould be a shame to waste 99 points!  Well the Conway Kroger Marketplace had a couple of items we can't get at our favorite store so I ended up spending $10.  So far, so good.

Then it was off to Table Play, a local shop that carries almost every table game known to man and child.  It is, after all, shop local day, right?  I just wanted to look but came away with several Christmas gifts and, when combined with Son-2's purchases warranted 25% off!  Can't beat deals like that!

After lunch back at the ranch, I ventured out to Hancock's and Hobby Lobby -- crazy, I know! -- to get some fabrics in the colors DIL selected just to make sure I knew what she wants.  What I didn't know was Hancock's had some specials that were only good till noon, so the cutting lines were never-ending.  But I was patient and had a pleasant conversation with the lady behind me.  Did more damage at Hobby Lobby; no one was shopping for fabric there.  I didn't do too bad picking a short checkout line, either.

Now back at the ranch, enjoying a libation while watching SIL, CG, and AA play a lively game of Catan, Cities & Knights, and catching the end -- or SO I THOUGHT -- of the GA/GaTech game.  I have a tough time since Son-1 graduated from Ga Tech and Son-2 from Georgia.  Nevertheless, I was rooting for Georgia -- when in Rome ..... and, as I was told, absent uncles don't count!  Son-2 has Tivo so we can catch 4 games at a time, which is a good thing since Louisville just went ahead of Kentucky (Main Man and his sister both graduated from UK) and we check on them while sweating over OT at GA/GT.

Regardless of the outcome I can look forward to turkey tetrazzini for supper.


  1. You were a busy bee! All the fabric buying sounds fun. I love turkey tetrazzini and my family loves my recipe. Unfortunately with the kids and grands here, I don't think I'm going to have any leftover turkey!

    1. We did some serious damage to the turkey here, too! One breast went into the freezer and the rest into sandwiches and last night's dish. Gotta say, it was the best turkey EVER! Because I didn't have to cook it .....


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