Saturday, October 10, 2015

First Full Day...

... of R&R

Main Man and I were in separate cars for the trip to Kingsport on Thursday since he will return home on Sunday when I go on to WV.  So I took advantage of my solitude and made a side trip to Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough where I did a little damage. 

My quest was to add some soft yellows and darker grays to the pack I had purchased in Indianapolis last month.  I am using those in my Exploding Pineapple class step-outs and I like them so well I want to make a whole quilt in those colors.   I stuck to my plan with only two exceptions.

The yellow Handmaids fabric goes with panels my secret sister gave me last year.  The diamond fabric -- well, I just couldn't resist it. Do you blame me?

We scrapped our plans for golf Friday due to rain and an aching back (not mine).  Instead we started our day at Countryside Winery.

Sipping wine at 10 a.m. -- kinda like mass except you can go back for seconds!

Our morning also included a drive through Warrior's Path State Park, a visit to the Gray Fossil Site and Natural History Museum (absolute fascinating!), and a walk around Bays Mountain city park. The fall colors are just beginning in this part of the state.

Bays Mountain Park
I managed to fit in a stop at Heavenly Stitches Quilt Shop in Kingsport where I added a few quarter yards to my earlier purchases.

And that's the highlights of Day One.  Bottom line: even though we went around several counties, it was a very restful day for both of us! 

Today, Saturday, we're off to another winery in Abingdon, Virginia and a picnic lunch at one of our favorite VA state parks.  And if the rain clears, we'll hit the driving range this afternoon.  I think that's all either of us can do at this point since we haven't played in over a year.  Stay tuned .....

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  1. You found some great fabrics and beautiful places to see.


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