Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Blessings

To One and All!

Whew! This has been a weird December and an even stranger Christmas week. The temps have been WAY above normal, which led to big storms on Wednesday in the Southeast. Family and friends all seem to have survived and for this I rejoice.

The Queen Mother had a rough spell last weekend; for a time it was doubtful if the Main Man and I would both be able to make the trip to Arkansas to spend Christmas with Son-2 and family. However as QM began to improve, SIL assured us she could manage without us so we headed out amidst the storm predictions mid-morning Wednesday. Our timing couldn't have been better; we managed to find a window between the storms in northern Mississippi and northeastern Arkansas with only a couple of short stretches of heavy rain.

Texts were flying Wednesday night as the storms approached Nashville.  My concern peaked when I received a reverse 911 call (first time ever) from the City of Brentwood about the approaching tornado potential so I directed SIL to get QM and the sitter into the closet. They were fine and the community was spared; I'm sure we'll return to a lot of downed limbs on the hillside, but no reports of damage.

Here in Conway we've spent the day walking, eating, watching bowl games, and playing Camels Up, game 2 in the sub-tournament within the Holiday Tabletop Tournament 2015. Last night's game was Over and Out. I'm currently in 4th place (out of 6) - so sad.

Good smells are coming from the kitchen. I am trying a new (for me) crockpot recipe for bread pudding and Son-2 is cooking a jambalaya soup. Yum-yum!

The Christmas tree is buried under piles of presents from families far and wide. It will be a long and joyous morning. But first up is the Christmas Eve service with music, bells, and smells.

Best wishes to all for a very merry Christmas!


  1. Yesterday was scary in the southwest, glad you survived unscathed. Hope your Christmas is very merry.

  2. Merry merry Christmas! (And I hope you win!)


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