Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quick Retreat Update

OK, Friends, I'm trying something new today.  I forgot my camera so have taken a few photos with my tablet.  Aside from the terrible lighting, I haven't figured out how to zoom or get things straight, so please bear with me.

We're missing a couple of friends, but things are perking right along.  In between lots of conversation and a bit of frivolity, I've managed to get bindings on two quilts ...

True Blue in Black and Cream
Elegant Garden
True Blue is a Miss Rosie pattern.  I don't remember which book I found Elegant Garden in.

And remember the yellow and grey Exploding Pineapple blocks?  The rows are together and the border I first rejected as overwhelming has made a comeback.

Exploding Pineapple
Pineapple Border
The party and gift exchange was today.  Lots of lovely and useful gifts, but this one takes the cake:

Nancy R knows me too well!! 
I think I need to change my profile picture.

Having a great time. Will give a full report when I get home.


  1. Your quilts are gorgeous! Congrats on accomplishing so much while at your retreat. Your shirt made me smile

  2. I agree with Dee Dee.... Your quilts are gorgeous! The border and sashing on your exploding pineapples quilt are perfect. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt! Love your shirt!

  3. Love the tee shirt! Love the border print for the pineapple quilt too.

  4. Loving the quilts! Exploding pineapples is getting more beautiful by the day!
    And that t-shirt cracks me up!

  5. Sounds like you're having a blast -- enjoy the reminder of your time! Love the shirt!!! :)

  6. Your exploding pineapples seems to have grown really quickly and it's looking fantastic. I like the border print. Great t-shirt too!

  7. Love your new T-shirt! All of your projects are turning out beautifully. I really like the border print you've picked for the Exploding Pineapples.


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