Monday, March 21, 2016

And Sew It Goes

A Tale of 16 Blocks

Have I said recently how much I dislike paper piecing? Sorry, I digress ...

Twosies ready to be pressed open
In a recent post about Summer Heat I mentioned the next step, after assembling and pressing the twosies, was to trim the center point so that it is 90-degree square.

Shaving the center corner
I did one set of 4 twosies and assembled a test block. Everything seemed to be OK so I proceeded to trim the remainder. But on some of the blocks I noticed that if I squared to an outside corner, I could be trimming too much of the seam allowance and that could change the geometry of the block -- seams wouldn't line up and the block could be too small or too big. It didn't help that I decided to tear some of the papers off the back to make pressing the seams easier ...

Long story short, all 16 blocks went together with much thought and pondering along the way and only 3 need a bit of tweaking at the center point. Whew!

Sashing and borders are cut and ready to go on today.

Summer Heat block with inner, middle, and outer borders

Just a reminder -- I have two separate projects up for adoption. Check them out here and here. My adoption is open until midnight tonight.

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  1. The block you showed is beautiful. You are going to have a fantastic quilt so I am glad you stuck to it. Problem solving is the key to learning.

  2. Aw, man! I thought the whole point of paper piecing was so you WOULDN'T have to do all that shaving... You got the worst of both worlds, there!
    At least it's a gorgeous quilt!

  3. LOL - the old trimming quandary. Well however much you dislike paper piecing, you are certainly excellent at it Libby! That block is beautiful!

  4. Wow!! I'm sorry it's a pain, but the results are stunning! You go girl!

  5. Gorgeous block! I dislike paper piecing, too, but the precision can't be beat. You can finish this one!

  6. It's going to be beautiful! I agree; I don't like paper-piecing at all, but sometimes it is the best for accuracy. Sharon B in Franklin

  7. Summer heat is going to be gorgeous. Paper piecing helps a lot with the points, but it does take a bit more care and feeding when finishing off the blocks. I like the results, but it's not my favorite way to piece.


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