Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Or Maybe Just Sidetracked

The first two items on my ambitious list from Monday's post have been put on hold until a package arrives with all the essentials I DH left next to the front door as we were heading home from Arkansas.

So, on to Item 3 - Do something with March RSC16 color purple.

Ahh, purple .... I pretty much exhausted my love of all things purple a couple of years ago. Very little purple left on my shelf, but surely plenty of scraps in the leftover bins...
Yikes! I forgot that I had started one of those sweatshirt jackets for The Queen Mother (MIL) several years ago only to discover that the sweatshirt I bought was Youth size! She's petite, but not THAT petite. So I had a raft of 1-1/2" purple strips that I had cut for the jacket project.
Pile of 1-1/2" strips at top of photo
I didn't really want to do string blocks with all the strings the same size, so I settled on 16-patch blocks. I've seen quite a few lovely projects lately using 16-patches. Most of the strips were full WOF so I cut them in half to get more variety and paired a light purple with a dark purple.

 After pressing to the dark, I joined two pairs to make a 4-strip set. Again, pressed to the dark. I cut these into 1-1/2" segments and put them in a pile.
Pile of segments ready for random grab
These became twosies, then foursies.

I pressed the seams open between segments.

Another blogger had commented that there are so many shades of purple -- reddish, bluish, grayish -- I decided to just use them all together randomly. At first I tried not to have any of the same fabric in adjoining pairs, but that was nearly impossible so I decided that I would only reject having two of the same fabric in adjoining segments.


Finished 16-Patches
I mulled (Mangofeet would say dithered) over ideas for what to do with these. and I have settled on framing with this perfect yellow (RSC March accent) with purple twirley-viney things.

Right now I'm thinking about what's next. I might make them wonky so that they dance across the quilt. Or I might set them on point in more of a strippy setting. Or just do a straight set with some sort of sashing. This is where I can use your help. The framed blocks measure 7" unfinished. If I make them wonky, they will only measure 6-1/2" unfinished. I only had enough yellow frame fabric to make 25 blocks. (This is a case where I should have thought things through before I started cutting ...)
Should I add sashing in between?
Possible sashing
Or I could use the blocks I have as a center medallion for a larger quilt.  Stay tuned to see what I decide.

I still have a stack of purple strips that may become rail fences, although I saw a really good idea on Confessions of a Fabric Addict Wednesday morning. And some wider strips might go into Shoofly blocks.

For someone who had not touched a single purple scrap for the entire month of March till now, I'm certainly making up for lost time.
I guess you could say I'm still Making Do .....



  1. I'd say put them on point, but I say put everything on point, so feel free to ignore me. (On point, dark sashing, light cobblestones... What? No, I didn't say anything...)
    Now I'll go back to dithers of my own. 8)

  2. I like the wonky idea combined with the medallion idea. Last week I say a way to make a star with the sashing strips.

  3. I like the on point idea with dark purple sashing. I am not a purple fan, but it is amazing how many different shades there are. Your 16 patches will make a great quilt.

  4. I think I like Charlene's idea. Make a center medallion star in shades of purple and yellow, and then surround it by wonky 16 patches. I definately like the sashing with it. Do you have enough purple and yellow left in your stash to make a giant pineapple medallion? That would be interesting too.

  5. Sash them with a Sawtooth or Friendship Star sashing, using some of the rest of your strips for the star points.

  6. Love your purple 16-patches! I'm so not a purple fan, but your blocks look great, especially framed in the yellow swirly print. I would make them dance and build the quilt out medallion style. Perhaps small touches of olive could bridge the current blocks and whatever you do next. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  7. Great plan for those cut strips. I like the dark sashing idea.


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