Monday, March 14, 2016

Time to Get Crackin'

Catching up on March

Lately I've spent so much time catching up with January and February goals that I have totally neglected March ... until this past weekend.

My One Monthly Goal (OMG) for March is to finish Summer Heat, design by Nancy Mahoney.

Having determined that I had the requisite 16 sets of A and B units ...

Stacks of A and B Units

I set about assembling them into twosies.

Preparing to stitch
One of the issues my friends who also took the class had was getting seams to match so I was careful to pin intersections. First I stabbed the intersecting point, then pinned away from the line to avoid distortion.
Careful pinning
The thread cutter on my BabyLock machine is especially nice for paper piecing, but I also like how the foot makes it easy to stitch on the lines.

Stitch on the line
While watching some Sunday night TV I tore enough paper off the back to press the seam open.

Sunday night at the kitchen bar
And I was able to get them all pressed before heading up to bed.

Today's first task is to trim -- really just shave -- a bit to make sure the center seam will be square and lay flat.  Hoping to at least get the foursie halves together, paper removed, and seam pressed open.

A little trimming required
If I apply myself, I might get the blocks assembled so that I can tear the remaining paper while watching The Voice tonight!

I have no social activities till Saturday -- everything that had been on the agenda was cancelled -- so I should have a very productive week in the sewing room/annex. I'll try to spend some time in the garden, as well, finishing up the mulching and making some strategic changes in water pathways down the hillside.

I hope youall were safe from last night's storms (Finally heard from family in Arkansas -- all safe) and that you enjoy a beautiful and productive Spring week.

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  1. This is going to be a stunner, especially in the color scheme you selected! Great work on SMM too! Love that pattern!

  2. Thanks for the closeups of your process. I take it you're using all-the-same fabrics in each block?

  3. Oh, my! What a lot of bias and seam matching and paper and...
    You might have to name the finished quilt "Patience". 8)

  4. Good luck with all the seam matching and pressing. It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

  5. You seem to have nailed your seam matching!

  6. Wow, loads of precision needed for these blocks! I really love the Eggplant and Golden fabrics you're using, just wondering how progress is going?


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